i turned 30, got an amazing party!

Wow!! I don’t even know where to start with this one! Well for starters, if we’re friends on facebook you might have noticed that 2 weeks ago I had a birthday. A big one! 30!! We knew that meant we must celebrate but when? Let me apologize to the 12 brides and grooms I politely told we were not available on October 22, 2011. Sorry! I had really no clue about this party other than the “when” and “who’s”. The “what” and the “where” was a big surprise.

Among many others who I’ll get to I must first and foremost thank my wife Kris Ann. She pulled off what will go into the books as simply an absolutely amazing night. Who would have thought you could rent out the observation deck of the Corning tower? We partied at the highest point in downtown Albany! It doesn’t get much better than that folks! Anyway, with a little help from our friend Christine Wheat and some great ideas Kris Ann and her were able to lock down one of the most locked down locations in this city! These girls outdid themselves. Obviously Kris Ann used our very own Jenny Dempsey Shea for all the invites and fun signage at the party. Jenny did an amazing job on everything. Big thanks to Mike Frodey of Clifton Park Rental for suppling all the lounge furniture, lighting, red carpet and stanchions! The place looked amazing. More thanks to Kris Ann’s staff at Fleurtacious Designs for setting up and making this event look amazing. I know Kris Ann summoned our friends too so thanks to you guys as well. I can’t begin to let everyone know how grateful I am you all came together to hook up this amazing event. I seriously wish I could turn 30 every month (I’m sure my friends do as well) because it was so fun!! To say we all had a blast would be the understatement of the century. I don’t know how many people came up and told me how amazing my wife is. I agree! Kris Ann, you’re the bomb. I love you. I love all my friends and family who made it out on 10/22/11 to celebrate with me! Last but not least I must thank Andrew Franciosa of Clark+Walker Studio for capturing these images for me. Andrew also runs a great website called Keep Albany Boring, I recommend you head over and check that out too.

Again, thank you all!!! I got nothing but love for ya!

joe | jp | joey

The location 42 floors high in downtown Albany. The “joe | jp | joey” thing was funny and I loved it. It made sense because there were people from all parts of my 30 years who all call me those names!

I thought this was awesome! My good friend Dominick Purnomo came up with the “blog stalker” cocktail. If you’ve been to his restaurant dp An American Brasserie you know they’re known for some amazing food but also the best drink menu in the city. I just wonder will the “blog stalker” be part of one of their seasonal drink menus? You’ll have to go down and see!

A cupcake tower complete with a Rolex box cake top. Lisa from Gourmet Confections is the bomb! You should check her out for your weddings cakes/cupcakes.

Before you made it 42 flights up you had to stop on the red carpet and get paparazzi’d up!

I love her.

Not a bad place to celebrate huh? What a view!!

If I only was a State Police Officer(s) who actually monitored my party I can imagine how funny that was.

A must have DJ Playground on the 1’s n 2’s.. this is Albanys hottest hiphop DJ. Thanks so much for making the party so fun! Everyone kept telling me how great the DJ was!!

Thanks to drop it MODERN for sending this backdrop to Kris Ann for the party! It was perfect!! Also I love the official quote of Hayden Yund. You’re “DOIN IT!”

I love this one of me and my awesome and beautiful wife (fresh from Make Me Fabulous)


Mr Andrew Franciosa (the photog for the night)

My other two ladies blog debuts. Sister Robin and Mom (Theresa)..

Even Christine Wheat let her hair down!! Love you C Dub!

Big Joe letting loose with our Elario Photography girls Jenny and Hayden.

Future Elario bride on the left? Congrats on your engagement Janelle (mega blog stalker)

Jenny !!

You might find this crew chowing down chicken wings on Sundays..

One last image of me and my awesome, incredible, talented, beautiful and caring wife. Love you!

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