Yes sir! Here we go! It’s time for Isabel and Dave’s blog post! I’m pretty excited to share this one as Isabel is one of my biggest blog stalkers out there. I heard her husband Dave has been known to stalk as well 😉 I’d be willing to bet you remember them from their Lake George engagement session. It was one of my favorites from this season. As I mentioned two blog posts ago we had three weddings last weekend and Isabel and Dave were wedding three of three. Thank god for Red Bull 😉 Nah, the energy at this event was all we needed to keep us awake.

I must say the weather was just awesome on Sunday September 18th 2011. We arrived at Isabel’s parents home to find 3 coordinators on site. Thats just how Christine Wheat rolls. Thank god for coordination because we ran on time all day long! Now, we all know Isabel is beautiful without trying but throw in Alayne of Make Me Fabulous and her beauty goes to a whole new level. Speaking of beauty, there was a stunning gown waiting to be worn and a house full of family waiting to see the bride. Once Isabel was in and ready the music started and she headed down the stairs. There were so many gifts, hugs and kisses being handed out all we did was shoot like crazy. There was a lot of love and excitement in that home last Sunday. Then it was time to get married. Dave waited patiently for his bride to arrive. I’ll add that she arrived early. Maybe because she was that excited to marry him or maybe because wedding coordinators rock! After the ceremony and many many family photos we were off to the Hall of Springs. Actually, every time we thought we were done taking a family photo I’d hear from Isabel “just one more picture”. It became pretty funny and we all had some good laughs about it. Cut to the Hall of Springs, it was decorated beautifully by On Thai of Surroundings Floral Studio and ready for a party. Boy do the Armenian’s party! If they weren’t on the floor dancing to City Rhythm they were dancing to the Armenian band. It was seriously a non-stop party! I had a great time setting the weekend off with Cheryl and Amanda from CASL Productions and even more fun working with them again on Sunday. Mad props and thanks to Hayden Yund for holding down the Elario Photo Booth too! Isabel and Dave, I love you both. Thank you so much for choosing the Elario boy’s to capture the big day. You guys are an awesome duo and I wish you many many years of love!


Here’s one from their engagement session

Bling! Bling!

The gown. Isabel was crazy about the detail on the back. It was fly Iz!

Isabel hooking me up with Red Bull. I love that stuff, it gives me wings!

Alayne doing her thing..

Seriously all she did was smile once that gown as on.

I call this Alayne’s concentrating face. I have a whole folder of these.

Watching her walk down the stairs was so fun.

I think her cheeks hurt because she NEVER stopped smiling..

Why not one more?

Yup, it was that nice of a day.

The handsome Dave. Good job on the tux and tying your own bow tie. All men should know how to tie a bow tie.

Isabel and Dad aka “Big O”

Seeing his bride..

Mr & Mrs… Later in the night Christine Wheat asked me what my favorite image of the day was. I told her this was because the excitement and joy in their faces. I could feel it through the camera. Sure its a basic standard shot but I know just how happy the both of them were so thats why its my favorite.


Wow.. the sky!!

The hot Bentley up in Saratoga Springs..

Love the light and color..

A large bridal party..



A sweet configuration..

Often I’ll ask a bride and groom to look at each other. I didn’t have to, they could not keep their eyes off each other.

Loving the Mr & Mrs…

too cute..

My facebook teaser.

Loving this b&w..

more favorites..

Thanks to Hayden for snagging this one!

Ah the shoulder kiss.. love that light!

The Hall of Springs..

Just one in with some of that blue light sky..

Party time!

I love this first dance image.

So much fun.

Hayden rocking the Elario Photo Booth..

Translation please?

You can’t go wrong with this backdrop it’s a classic one from drop it MODERN called sea horse.

Hahaha. I crack myself up!


funny people..

Congrats to you two!!!!!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL Wedding!! If you can find out where she got her heels i’d be so happy- they are GORGEOUS!

  2. AAAAAAAHHHH! Do you know how patient I had to be to be a good girl and comment on these last 3-4 blogs in order of postings!!!! ladies of the past few blogs, no offense please, but I was very excited to see this too 🙂 I mean, it’s IZ! Come on!
    What is it about Isabel? Sure I’ve never met her. I get it. But you gotta have love for the fellow blog stalkers. AND you have to have love for fellow middle easterners. When I look at you Isabel, you remind me of my sister Gita a bit. Again – middle eastern background and all, sure… but beautiful big eyes, and sweet little dimples. You’re a knock out! Dave is a lucky man, and from the look on your face, I can tell you are a lucky lady too. You can really just SEE your hearts jumping out at each other in these pictures. I’m so so happy for the both of you.

    seriously, looking through these got me teary. Ok, onto specifics because I could (and do) go on all day about all this love stuff. <3

    Crumb catcher dress! Way to rock it!!! I like the detail incorporated into the dress, and the back is adorable! I kept thinking though "Wait, how does she sit in that?" Then I saw you were sitting comfortably, and no harm done to the design. Yay. 🙂

    Now, I do love the Mr. and Mrs. too. What you typically see is either the bride and groom looking at each other, or a little combo of at each other and the passing guests celebrating. Dave and Isabel are looking square at the cameras like "YES!!!!" Just beaming. You're right JP… their faces say it all. Ear to ear.

    A few more things – half up half down hair – very nice. Work the hair 🙂 I noticed the second hair change with the flower too – very romantic and pretty.

    This looked like a blast. I love me a Hall of Springs wedding.

    JP – your little jump series is HILARIOUS. Your head is in EXACTLY the same place in both shots. Hahaha! You're hilarious. 🙂

    And we have a bling shot in there too, did you see? Of course you did.

    these are just wonderful. Alayne, you do a FABULOUS job as always… of course we all know how beautiful Isabel is so you have a perfect canvas to start with.

    Isabel and Dave – many many congratulations for a lifetime of happiness. 🙂

    <3 <3 <3

  3. You are on a roll this week with your blog posts – I couldn’t keep up. These photos are amazing – truly captured their incredible day and the love between these two. Joe, JP & Hayden – we had a blast working with you again (as always). Isabel – you made a stunning bride, and Dave – you didn’t do too bad in the groom department. 🙂 Thank you so much for letting us be a small part of your day and your traditions!

  4. Shoulder Kiss . . . nice capture – romantic lighting on a “Romantic Couple” in a romantic town .
    Great wedding Isabel & Dave , wonderfully planned & executed .
    It was great being a part of , thanks again for going w/”Elario Photography, Inc.”.

  5. Wow!! Absolutely amazing Isabel! The pictures are so stunning, you were just so beautiful! Your Hubby looks fantastic also! Wishing you both a very happy future. Hope to see you soon for drinks! Enjoy every minute of your Honeymoon! xoxo

  6. also a hugeee thank you for letting me borrow the Mr. & Mrs. Signs…to the new Mrs. Marino!! Amy Hungershafer thanks for coordinating this!!

  7. JP ! Where do i begin???? I spent months preparing for this big day…my mother in law and mom spent hours on detail..the wedding was pomegrante inspired (Pomegrante is a sign of Life, Marriage, Fertility in the Armenian Community)…and I knew I could only trust you to catch every detail …My whole family including my new family is very happy with this blog! We can’t wait to see more….Thank you for being so incredible..The Elarios are so talented. Dave and I are so lucky you were there!! Also a hugeee thank you to Alayne With Make Me Fabulous, Christine Wheat, Michael Butros with Butros Flowers for doing the Church decor and my sweet heart table, Mr. Angelo Mazzone for being an incredible Host At Hall of Springs, Mr. Kevin Sykes who is incredible to work with, Martin Harout the Armenian Band / DJ which was hired, Designer Loft in Manhattan for my gown and the list goes on….Thank you again and again..last Sunday was THE BEST DAY of my life!! now back to Mai Tais…keep it real in NY! xoxo

  8. WOW!!! I can’t even begin to pick a favorite image… I love the one of Isabel and Dave with their heads touching during the ceremony, the b&w elario configuration, the shoulder kiss one, and the blue light sky one!! So many favorites!! Oh, and the Mr & Mrs chair — too cute!! I love it! Congrats Isabel & Dave!!! Jp, Big Joe… you know you make me want to get married all over again with each wedding blog post! Even though you’ve done so many weddings at each location, you guys always find a way to make each wedding look so unique and amazing!! You guys are truly the best!! 🙂

  9. OMG Isabel, so many emotions as I go through these again and again. Lets just start from the day I met you, I fell in love with you. I think the entire capital district knows and loves you and have been waiting for this day and blog post!!! Now lets just talk about the day I met Dave. “I said, I love her…he said ‘I do too!. Not to mention we now officially have matching Dave’s for husbands!!!! You are always so lovely, so sweet, so gracious, so elegant, oh and did I mention drop dead gorgeous, you make it so easy to fall in love with you! And yes the entire morning you were always asking each person who entered your mom’s bathroom…how is Dave, have you seen him, have you talked to him , what was he doing !!! JP, Jpop (I love this nickname by the way) Christine, Hayden… We were all so excited for this day!!! Thank you for choosing us to share it with you. JP as you knew, we get all the beautiful brides, not to mention the gorgeous ones!!! I wil lbe re-stalking this blog many times over and I am sure I will be getting your photos coming into the shop from future brides saying ‘ “I want to look like her!!!”

  10. isabel you are one of the happiest brides I’ve seen on the blog and with such a gorgeous smile! your dress is pretty, and you rocked it! elarios – love the light..who knew there is still blue light in september? yay!

  11. Love was in the air! I loved all the sweet traditions these families wove into the day. I was so happy to be a part of it and allow them time to relax and enjoy their day. The shot “where they can’t take their eyes off each other” in b/w…MY FAV’

  12. Amazing! Such beautiful shots of Isabel getting ready…the photos of her and Dave radiated true love and happiness…and this wedding looked like it was all around an awesome event! Congrats!

  13. a perfect day preserved forever! I am so honored to grace the Elario blog again! I just love these 2 and the photos are just gorgeous! The photobooth was so much fun! Your amazing connection that you both share was so magnetic and you can feel it through the computer! hope ur having an awesome honeymoon!
    XOxoXO hay.

  14. I couldn’t wait for this! JP you guys did an amazing job capturing an amazing couple! Congrats Izzy and Dave…love you guys!!!


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