it’s never too cold outside.

Why sit inside and wait for the tulips? The winter can be such a nice time of year if you embrace it. When I photograph couples during the summer it may be short sleeves or a skirt, so why not rock an Elmer Fudd cap and some boot’s with the fur, with the fur! The whole club was lookin’ at her, ok let me stop!

It was very flattering when long time friend and photographer Christina Primero asked me to photograph her with her two beautiful kids. When we scheduled this shoot there was a ton of snow on the ground but it all melted Sunday when we had temperatures in the mid 50’s, something tells me we’ll be getting more very soon. Not having snow was no biggie at all, I love they way these turned out. These kid’s are seriously photogenic and I really enjoyed capturing that.

Enjoy & have a happy new year, lot’s of good stuff coming in 2009!









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