jaimee & sean: hall of springs

Wow, what can I say? Jaimee & Sean’s wedding was as expected, off the hook. I mean I knew given Sean’s background and years experience with Glen Sanders would play a roll in this wedding but wow. All that plus Jaimee’s style and personality and boom you got yourself an awesome party. Seriously Glen Sanders outdid themselves on this one. I think some of the Mansion family might have gotten a little teary eyed watching one of their own tie the knot. I can’t wait for our wedding with Mansion Catering.

So April 24th 2009 was a lovely day to say the least. When we arrived at the house Jaimee & all the girls were ready to rock and roll. The photo op’s started upstairs in Jaimee’s room where her last three sisters stepped into their wedding gowns. Then it was downstairs where Mr & Mrs DiGesare awaited to watch their last of four girls take that walk down the stairs in her gown. Jaimee looked gorgeous in a wedding gown she had added her own personal style and touches to fit her personality, the gown was from Something Bleu Bridal and Bird of Paradise Boutique. Then it was off to the front lawn for some fun and relaxed portraits with videographer Al Woodard along side as well.

When we arrived at The Hall of Springs Sean and the guys we’re ready to go as well. I expected nothing but a punctual bunch since Sean’s a seasoned veteran at coordinating events for Glen Sanders. I was surprised how relaxed Sean was, I figured given his background he’d be delegating and what not. Surely the whole crew up there at the hall had it locked down. The ceremony was totally unique with a lot of different musical numbers and some readings sprinkled in as well. It was so obvious during the ceremony that these two were so happy to be tying the knot.

The reception was for lack of better words, crazy! The New York Players were on their A game all night. The hall looked like I’ve never seen it before, all kinds of different color washes throughout the night the keep the mood and atmosphere constantly changing. It was awesome to shoot with all this color and I love color. Renaissance Floral Design had the personal flowers and reception flowers looking awesome too.  Jaimee and Sean’s first was dance was super high energy and was great to shoot. After dinner Sean surprised Jaimee with a custom jazz lounge in the back where there was an array of milkshakes, cookies and other deserts and the guests were loving those milkshakes. All and all I expected a fantastic and wonderful wedding and Jaimee and Sean sure delivered.

Enjoy, leave love,


We’ll start from the top of the stairs… I love this shot. It has such a behind the scene’s feeling.

Jaimee & her three beautiful sisters.. can you guess the twin?

What a great looking bunch.

The ceremony by Renaissance Floral Design

This ones kinda fun… I love throwing the focus in and out.

I told you they were happy.

I love this shot of Sean’s sisters…

The only reason I’m showing this photo is because when I took it I said to Sean, “thats not the first gown you’ve picked up” and Jaimee was like nah uh! I said it because from the hundreds of weddings we’ve worked with Sean at the Mansion etc he’d often be the guy to work alongside the bride and groom and help out. Jaimee’s expression is great though, isn’t it?

What a day, look at that buttery light.

And this light!

You all remember their engagement shoot, right?

My favorite shot of the whole day.

Ok ladies, take notes. Jaimee hooked Sean up with a nice timepiece as a wedding gift. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m into a nice time piece. In fact I have the same one and love it. So Jaimee, great job here and Sean, welcome to the club 😉

Again the room by  Renaissance Floral Design

And here is the great David himself putting some finishing touches on that awesome head table.

The first dance was awesome.

I love when I can shoot available light during the toasts.

The jazz lounge opened up after dinner.

And we’ll end with this. After the cake was cute there was one last color change. How great is the image of Jaimee & Sean with the orange and all the smoke, straight up romantic.

Oh no, this blog post isn’t over… he’s a little video piece Sean & Jaimee’s videographer and our friend Al Woodard put together of me and big Joe doing our thing. (editors note: Al supplied me with the clips, I edited them, he’s a way better editor than me for real)

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