jamie & chris fall in love in vermont

A couple weeks ago I met up with Jamie and Chris in Bennington, VT. They wanted to do a session in the town they got engaged. There are some covered bridges we used for the first two locations. Let me just say I thought it was rough shooting on the Brooklyn Bridge. That was a walk in the park. Every time I was about to take a photo another car came flying through the bridge. It became pretty comical at times where all we could do was laugh. So our patience eventually paid off and I was able to capture some really nice and fun images. I’ll say from hanging with these guys I could tell how crazy about each other they are. They wont have to wait long to make it official because we’ll all be together again in March for their winter wedding! All and all, another great fall engagement session with another great couple! Thanks guys!


I’ll set it off with a nice b&w.. I love this one and it was only one of the first images I took..

This shot was kinda hard to get, the bridges are pretty narrow and only one car can come through at a time. That being said I just love all the lines and texture.

Where Chris is standing if a car were to come through he’d get clipped.. LOL we were like pinned against the wall every time one came by.

Loving these two side by side.

The light, the lines the love all awesome.

We took a break from the covered bridge so I could snag this image.

Now we’re at a different and more quiet bridge. Just off to the right near the water is where Chris popped the question. How about that blue sky?

This is maybe my fav from all the bridge shots…

loving this one!

what a great spot!

Time for a little change of clothes…

and some bomb color!

I think this was the only tree in Bennington that still had color..

So I worked it for a bit..

and captured another favorite image.

I seem to take this shot every fall for at least one engagement session.

In photography school they teach you not to shoot into the light. I beg to differ…

Pure happiness…

and last but not least, my “bling shot”

next one

little olivia