Raise your hand if you’re ready for a new blog post!! Yay! We’re slowly easing into wedding season here. If only the weather would ease into spring time we’d be all set. In this post I’m featuring Jamie & Chris. Don’t you just love these guys? You remember them right? Remember? I shot their fall engagement session in Vermont. Anyway, Jamie and Chris have that thing about them. You know, like you just want to hug them. They are a totally fun and happy go lucky kind of couple. While picking images for this blog all I did was smile….

Moving onto March 25, 2011… It was a little chilly, not going to lie. Walking into Jamie’s parents home I felt like I was going to set sail from the wind! That was all good though because we had a house full of pretty ladies that just got the Make Me Fabulous treatment from Alayne and her crew. I Love Alayne’s energy, she’s great to have around at weddings. So is Al Woodard! Have you seen the sneak peek he already posted from this wedding? It’s off the chain. One more rockstar vendor Jamie and Chris had on their team was Fleurtacious Designs, stunning florals on this one! After a session at the house it was off to the church to catch up with Chris & co. Once that knot was tied we headed to Glen Sanders but I wanted to stop at a new spot and take some images of just Jamie and Chris. Man was it cold and windy!! I’m so happy we all stuck it out because the light, color and location was just awesome. Now it’s time to party and once Paul Malo started playing tunes it for sure was a great evening. We had all had a blast. We’re so thankful to have couples like Jamie & Chris! We love you guys. I hope Palm Springs is treating you well.


Some nice details.. all waiting for me too.. How bout that hanger?

bling bling..

Jamie getting fabulous.

I love this one..

How great is that gown? As is the hanger with her new name.

I’ll take brides like Jamie all day..

A detail of her fab head piece.

Hey ladies..

Wonderful creations from Fleurtacious Designs


it was too easy..

I know I said it was cold but did I mention it was beautiful?


Chris was all smiles..

I love all these images of Jamie and her father.

this one especially.

Here she comes..

This church was so nice to shoot in..

One of my favorite unity candle shots eva!!

Mr & Mrs..

Oh yeah!

How cool is this spot with that car?

loving this

Chris keeping his wife warm..

This place is just awesome to shoot at.

A little Elario configuration..


and happy

my facebook teaser image.

The Glen Sanders Mansion..

Best cake-topper I’ve scene. It’s them! The gown is hers! How cool is that? I think Jamie said it was from Etsy

Glen Sanders new cocktail hour space with some yummies.

I like this behind the scenes shot 🙂

congrats to you both!

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  1. great spot for shooting on a remote location, I now figured out where it is :o) beautiful and sweet couple…very unique and classy choice of tuxedo found exclusively at Tuxego…JP where’s the love I’m not on the list with my A team friends? :o)

  2. AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE the black and white! Can’t wait for the wedding shots!!!!

  3. What amazing photos! It truly was a wonderful day, so very glad I had the honor of attending!

  4. Jamie and Chris, these photos are absolutely amazing and beautifully capture your special day. Congratulations and many happy years lie ahead!

  5. Chris & Jamie,
    The photos are absolutely breathtaking. Looks just like a fairy tale wedding. And the photographer captured the most romantic and beautiful shots of your special day. Hope you had one of the best days of your life with family and friends. Wishing you all the best in the future on your new life together.


  6. Chris these pictures are so cute! I love the ones of Jamie and her father those are adorable!
    Congrats to both of you!!

  7. I feel like I have been reuinited with an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time in this post. I keep going over it again and again for some reason, just like you Mona . There is something truly special about these photos and this couple. I so missed you Big Joe and JP over the winter and Jaime spending the day with you and you family was very near and dear to my heart for many reasons! And can we just talk about how stinkin’ cute Chris is!! Love his expressions. I hope to see you all againvery, very soon!

  8. This is the sweetest wedding!! Love everything about it. That dress is amazing by the way!! I call the secret location “Schenectady’s Alamo” Hee!! I did a little photo shoot this past summer there. It was a really fun place! The pictures came out amazing!! 🙂 Congrats!

  9. Ok, I love EVERYTHING about these pictures! Everything! It was such a special, amazing day filled with love and these pictures captured exactly that! Jamie and Chris have been so excited to see these pictures and I know that they were nothing but pleased with every single one! JP, you are fantastic and so is your father! Such a pleasure meeting you guys!

  10. What a shoot. Love all the photographs from the start details to the end. I love that location specially that old gate, old walls and that great car..great place to shoot man.

    The pano of reception area is fantastic, well done.

  11. Well this was well worth the wait as we continue to ring in the spring season. Sorry for the late post folks, was busy celebrating my husband’s big 3-0 🙂

    And so I must say, these photos are absolutely beautiful. I can’t tell what exactly makes Jamie and Chris jump out at me so much. Sure, I know them from their e-session (and I love the fall as you all know)… and sure, they look absolutely amazing. Guys, you really do. But it’s more than that. Is there even one moment where their faces are anything but enamored and alight?

    Jamie – your dress – custom? I love the details, the asymmetric shoulder, and it fit you like a glove – such a perfect fit, and you look so incredibly elegant. Chris couldn’t look happier to see you coming down the aisle…

    I LOVE the cake topper. Seriously, HOW did you get it to have your gown? Adorable. Love it. And the hanger – always a good touch. Glen Sanders looks great (seriously, since that renovation, those floors are just tops). It all looks amazing. Your A-team did not disappoint… fleurs, vid, makeup (MMF!!!!) and of course photography.

    (Ok this is getting a little long, but I really enjoyed this post. I *may* also be a little zealous due to some serious dinner/wine celebrating)

    That said, I did love these. Congratulations Jamie and Chris! Big Joe and JP —–> beautiful stuff as always. Love how crisp everything looks. Windy? You would never know to look at these pics

  12. beautiful…gorgeous…the love, the happiness… i don’t remember Glen Sanders being that gorgeous… Congrats to the new couple!!!!!!

  13. Great pictures guys!! Jamie you look amazing! Love the picture in the church of Chris!! Congrats guys! Oh and love the new cocktail space at Glen Sanders.

  14. Thank You – Jamie & Chris for selecting “Elario Photography,Inc. ” as I know there are so many photogs to choose from, means a lot .
    We loved working with you both along w/families & friends, I’m sure you are enjoying Palm Springs – Sinatra loved it as well.

  15. Takes your breath away! Jamie & Chris… You have what everyone is searching for, true love and happiness! Congrats again! Love you both!

  16. Spectacular! Our son Chris and new daughter Jamie were simply beaming throughout this special day. Your amazing photos will always remind us of their deep love and happiness!

  17. These pictures leave me breathless, its absolutly awesome when the moment of an emotion is caught on camera and you did just that !!!!Terrific job, cant wait for more. Love to all!!!!

  18. absobutly beautiful the photography is out standing and the bride & groom are a beautiful couple

  19. Awesome! I love the shots with the car…very classy! And the one you labeled “too easy” is a stunning shot of Jamie’s eyes! How sweet!

  20. Gorgeous photos for an awesome couple! You are so right…they are huggable! The cake topper is from Esty seller, Milk Tea. Love you, Jamie & Christopher! Aunt Tina

  21. Yay! New blog!! I know I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for a new blog post, and this one was worth the wait. I loved Jamie and Chris’s engagement shoot, with the covered bridges and that awesome yellow fall color, so I was excited to see their wedding images! Such a cute couple!! Love the detail images of her hair piece and the cake topper! And I love the images from that new spot! Those are definitely some of my favorites! Great job JP and Big Joe!!! Congrats to Jamie and Chris! 🙂

  22. I am IN LOVE with these pictures! The day was so amazing and you’ve captured all the happiness they were feeling. Stunning!!!

  23. Beauuuutiful!! I cannot wait for jamie to see these! everything looks bright and happy, just as is was.

  24. Jamie, Congratulations! You look stunning and your girls all look like perfection! The dresses couldnt have been more perfect for your special day. Excited to see you back in with Suzanne and crossing fingers, Jenn 😉 We are all so happy to have had the chance to work with you and your girls!!

  25. Joe and JP – Unbelievable!!! These shots are just too AMAZING for words!!! Thank you so much for capturing our special day! It was simply perfect! We can’t wait to see the rest! :o)