Jamie & Dave’s Brooklyn Engagement Photos

Today I am thrilled to share Jamie & Dave’s Brooklyn engagement photos! From the moment I finished this shoot I wanted to immediately blog it but decided to make Dave sweat for a few days. This is a fun one for me because Jamie and Dave are pals of mine. I witnessed them get engaged this past 4th of July and days later over some chicken wings talked wedding dates with them. Some of you wedding pros might recognize Dave as he’s a managing partner/all around rockstar of Normanside Country Club  and the awesome One Six Five. And if you recognize Jamie it’s probably because you’ve seen her running miles all over place. 😉

When planning this engagement session we ultimately ended up in Brooklyn, specifically DUMBO. It’s been a while since I’ve shot in any other part of NYC than Central Park so it was time to switch it up a bit. The thing I specifically loved about DUMBO was all of the street murals and their colors. Plus the views of both the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge are amazing. Once I found out Elario Alumni, Tiffany Piñero of Tiffany Piñero Style was on this one I was even more stoked. Everyone should have a style guru on their side! I couldn’t be happier with this one and hope you all enjoy it! Jamie and Dave, thanks for having me! Can’t wait for 8/22/15!


Meet Jamie and Dave..
Insert Jamie laugh here:
How awesome is this wall?
The wall is all owls.
Moving on..
Probably my favorite mural (and most photographed) in DUMBO. The color gradient is unreal.
how about that vest? hot!
love it.
Working that Elario configuration like whoa!
Obviously she said “Yes!”
That dress tho..
You’re a star, Jamie. 😉
love it..
We stumbled onto a movie set with these old taxis..
It’s like we stepped back in time.
Work it, Jamie!
The Manhattan Bridge.. this spot is so iconic..
Hot watch alert!! Dave’s got some taste in time pieces…
and the sunset was perfect. I love this image.
So pretty..
A little silhouette..
and as I end every single engagement session since 2008 with my token “bling shot” and Jamie’s token “thumb”
Good times you guys!!


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