If it seem’s like we were at Saratoga National a lot this season that would be true. Jamie and David’s wedding marked our 11th (of 13) there in 2012 and boy was it a fun one! Seriously I have not had that much fun (spectating) at a wedding reception in a minute. Their band,  Body and Soul was on a whole other level Saturday night. But aside from having a great band, there were a couple other factors that made this wedding such a fun party. The first one being the bride and groom danced all night long. I will tell you this until I’m blue in the face, if you want a fun party the bride and groom must dance all night. People gravitate toward them, duh! The other factor was the center dance floor. With a band in that room and a center dance floor you can’t go wrong. Finally, if you want a slamming reception get that guy with the LED hula hoop (see pics) and the other dude in a mime costume. Gosh that was fun!

Jamie and David, I know we just met you both on your wedding day but it didn’t take long for us all to connect. You two are not only a beautiful couple, you’re all around awesome. Your wedding was beautiful, colorful and without a doubt fun! Congrats to you guys!!! Can we do this again soon?

Jamie and David’s wedding team: Make Me Fabulous Lovecraft Productions  Pya Seidner   Anthology and Body and Soul


Some details.

The rings on a gift from, David.

Thats Alayne from Make Me Fabulous She always makes everyone smile

Getting ready with MOH and sister in law.

This is why people pick that 3rd weekend in October… the color is amazing.

What a fun group of stunning women we got to photograph!


One more of this gorgeous bride.

The fella’s weren’t too bad either..

time to tie the knot.

St Sophia’s is such an awesome church.

I loved the looks these two exchanged during the ceremony.

3 times..

Mr & Mrs…

Its about to get colorful my friends..

I love every singe thing about this image.

The bridal party.

more fun socks!

aaahhh the list bit of light.

classic Elario Configuration right here:

ah the 200mm 1.8L never disappoints. I tried switching up my locations this week at SNGC so some of the spots coming up are new to the blog..

Just stunning stuff.

There was a beautiful sky..

I’ve looked at this gate all season but saved it until now.

I love this one.

It was too easy.

the lighting and sky was unreal here.

this is my second favorite from the whole day.


Place cards by Pya Seidner (amazing calligraphy)   Decor by  Anthology

1st dance..


 Body and Soul blew the roof off this reception! 

You sir, are a flipping rockstar!

Congrats you two!!!!!

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  1. The colors are off the hook!!! And I gotta say, I feel like the peak was just a few days to a week later this year, no? Usually peaks around the 18th or so? Impressive. This stuff is just amazing. Love the yellow bright leaves, the warm buttery light. Yum. That shot with the rolls should go on the wall. Yes yes. Lots of beauty here, cute little looks exchanged, and lots of fun. The dude with the hula hoop – guest or was he for hire? He looked like a guest?

  2. This looks like it was such a beautiful wedding! Love the shot of her shoes under her dress and the one with him twirling her in front of the car. Awesome light!

  3. fantastic!!! the colors in their formal shots are stunning, the couple is gorgeous, their happiness and love just glows out of every shot… the party looked like a blast! and i love the glow in the dark hula hoop!!! such a great blog! and of course, great shots at SNGC, the new spots better become regulars 😉 love that gate!