jamie & eamon: fair game, engagement session

Happy Labor Day everyone! As summer comes to an end and with all the fairs going on this is an appropriate engagement session to share with you all. Jamie and Eamon are have been dating for 10 years, these guys got together back in the eighth grade! A true love story right? Well as I said with all the fairs going on and what not I thought I must do an engagement session at one. I just knew all the colors and scenes would not disappoint and boy was I right. Sure we had to deal with the carnies and wow they’re a unique breed to say the least but all in all it was a kick ass session. I’m stoked to be shooting their wedding next year so in June of 2010 you’ll have to check back with me to see the pics, until then enjoy their engagement session and Happy Labor Day!

Enjoy, leave love,

There’s nothing like the haze the food vendors create!

So walking thru the fair I found some bubbles…

Bubbles really do rock in that good good light.

Nothing in life is free folks. I had to take care of my man to keep the bubbles going.

Fact: Kris Ann once had a fair fish that lived for 10 years. RIP Peanut Butter.

Loving all this pink.

The colors are insane! My favorite from the first set!

This will be the only b&w of the day/night.

Whats a fair without a carousel?

Jamie & Eamon let me buy them a round. Although standing backwards and shooting made me a little dizzy.

Time for a wardrobe change and some ridiculously good good light. That lens flare in the right image is just nutty.

This is about as close to the ferris wheel I could get Eamon to go.

Since I took care of that dude I wasn’t done with the bubbles just yet!


I just love these next 5 images.

One of my favs.

The lights and colors are perfect.

What an awesome shot. #1 fav from this series.

I dont know if they were smiling at me or laughing at that damn carny talking all that smack about marriage behind me.

The blue light is always good stuff.

And finally, my token “bling shot”.

next one

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