Well hello there everyone! This is one of those weddings I couldn’t wait to blog. Not only because we got GREAT images but Jamie & Eamon are blog all stars. You might remember them from their “fair game, engagement session“.  It was probably one of the most popular things I posted last season. Well since that session I couldn’t wait to point the camera back at them! I imagine it’s fun when the people who follow this blog get to see their engagement photos and then see their wedding photos. By this point you might feel like you know them!

We arrived at the hotel where the ladies were getting ready. Sitting in a stool in her robe was Jamie getting some final touches from Flawless by Tina. So we shot a ton of getting ready stuff then it was out to the mean streets of Troy (kidding) for some portraits with Jamie and the girls. These photos are some of my favorite images yet! The flowers were awesome as they always are when the talents of my wife Kris Ann also know as Miss Fleurtacious Designs is on the team. Speaking of Jamie and Eamon’s team of wedding professional the one and only Al Woodard was capturing the motion oh so well as he always does. Next stop was St Augustines Catholic Church in Troy where these high school sweethearts of 10 years to their date would tie the knot. The priest said it was 10 years ago today when they started dating. See? I take notes. Eamon told me he was a little nervous too. Jamie seemed pretty cool even when “here comes the bride” started playing. We loved shooting in that church not only because of the light but its air-conditioned too! Once they were pronounced husband and wife it was off to some awesome spots in downtown Troy. As I expected, we all captured some incredible photos and had them off to Franklin Plaza where this bride and groom attended their cocktail hour. Know this, all Elario brides & grooms will attend their cocktail hour. Thats how we roll. The party was then into the hands of Mike Emery’s New York Players where there’s no stopping that force. The result, a packed dance floor all night long. Both Jamie and Eamon were on that dance floor all night long except when they were goofing in the Elario Photo Booth! I can’t say enough good things about this one gang. I hope this blog post finds these two on their honeymoon wherever they are. Guys, we thank you again and again for trusting us and having us! Congrats to you both!


Last time we saw them… Be sure to check out this post if you have not.

June 11, 2010. FP &  a dress.

Such a nice getting ready photo.

Finishing touches. More birdcage veils ladies! The pattern and texture rock!

Fleurtacious Designs.


Oh hey ladies..

The outside of FP is just awesome. We’ve been using this backdrop for years. It never gets old.

Yeah, thats right. Their all stunning.

More Jamie! She really knew how to work that gown.

Love these!

Another one of that bouquet.

Sorry ladies.. he’s married. Well not in this photo but soon.

Jamies Godfather gave her away.

That one on the left is just awesome.

Classic exit the church shot. So many lines in this pic. Bonus points if you can you count them. Come on, I bet Mona can!

Bentley style.

So awesome.

Oh no they got the Kanye’s on!

Troy is so beautiful.

A little sliver of light.

Love that light!

This reminded me of that. 😉

Again, I can take all kinds of images of brides & grooms but these always seem to be my favs.

So on Jamie’s facebook she asked her friends “vintage rolls royce or vintage bentley????” I voted Bentley. I won 😉

My facebook teaser.

If you get a vintage car its only right that one photo of it is in b&w right?

The around the corner came some of that good good light.

Just in time for the romantic shots.

Again some more Fleurtacious Designs

And more.

Mr & Mrs…

First dance style.


Oh no party time!

Yet another Elario Photo Booth, this backdrops called Vintage.

One more..

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  1. Love Love Love the photos! Fabulous Wedding…Gorgeous Couple! What a party Pat!!

  2. I’m in love with these pictures!!!!!!!! Also… Kris Ann- you are amazing, I have NEVER seen more beautiful flowers than what you did for us, and future brides will be lucky to work with you!! You guys are all awesome and I can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  3. Holy guacamole, JP! Anyone have Steven Speilberg’s number? I agree that Jamie and Eamon look like models who should be appearing in all the top magazines. The poses, lighting, locations, cars, attire and all thier friends only added more justice to gorgeous couple – Jamie and Eamon. The photograpy is over-the-top and totally awesome. Congratulations guys.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding me! The Vintage Rolls B&W is killing me. The back-lit street shots and pre-ceremony stuff is all just crazy. What are you fellas smok’in this season?

  5. Beautiful photos. I love the pics with the vintage car. Congrats to Jamie and Eamon!!

  6. Words were not needed, the bride and groom were beautiful beyond belief, your an amazing photographer to be able to capture all the emotions in pictures!

  7. breathtaking! what a beautiful wedding. The picture with that awesome car is my favorite, all the pictures bring a tear to your eye . Best of wishes to the beautiful couple.

  8. I’ve seen alot of wedding pictures in my lifetime, but NEVER any that compare to these. They are absolutely beautiful and look like they should be in magazines!!!! The bride and groom look stunning!!!!

  9. A few words came to mind when I looked at these beautiful pictures: ” Personal, Lovely,fresh, reflection, dynamic, vintage, regal, composition and MAGIC! Jamie and Eamon capture the beauty and love they share for each other and make it come alive! My very best wishes to you both.

  10. OMG! These pictures are beautifull! Jamie couild be a model, she is so beautiful! The pictures with the natural light are awsome. All the pictures look so natural.

  11. Wow! Do you realize what you have here?…A classic bride and groom mixed with modern style and traditional elements..This is clearly artistic. Some of these are 21st century Renoir paintings or a Rodin public monument. Fantastic!..these are award winning shots. Congratulations to you for writing a story that has magnificent beauty and timeless romantic energy..Congrats to Jamie and Eamon too and best wishes.

  12. Wow- great pics- bride looks amazing. I love the whole style of the event. Great shots!

  13. Awesome! I love the vintage-meets-modern look of this whole wedding – and BOY can that girl wear a mermaid!!! Truly, she’s got the perfect body for the mermaid dress, just gorgeous. I love so many of the shots – I think the Bentley shot is definitely up there, and some of the bridesmaids shots with her too – good posing. Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. Seriously, makes me want to get married all over again, seeing all your great work.

    Congrats Jamie and Eamon!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Oh and btw I estimate btw 800-1000 lines. I stopped counting around 250 😉

    You know I love a challenge

  14. GORGEOUS absolutely gorgeous! My beautiful daughter and her handsome husband and all their beautiful friends! JP these pictures are so awesome!

  15. These images look like they belong in a magazine. They are beautiful and you are right Jamie was rocking that dress.

  16. simply amazing….your so talented! I could look at your pics for hours if my kids would let me lol!

  17. Those pictures are AMAZING! What a beautiful bride. There is no way to pick a favorite, they are all so incredible!

  18. . . one handsome couple . . in the very visual city (no joke ) of Troy NY, & mean that sincerely .

  19. Slammin’ blog JP! You do such an awesome job of bringing out elegance in brides. Top shelf photography for sure 🙂


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