This was a fun one, no doubt! We had a blast photographing this wedding at the Canfield Casino. Whats not to love about working with Mazzone HospitalityKatie O’ Make Me FabulousRenaissance Floral and DJ Paul Malo? I’d say for sure that Jamie and Jim assembled a nice crew for their big day! We all had a blast working together. I just have so much fun doing what I do. Katie O’ reminded me of that during our final vendor meal for our 2012 season together. I believe that was 10 weddings we did with Katie O’ this season. Here’s to many more next year! Anyway, this day was really great for a November wedding. Sometimes it can be very cold in November but it was perfect for us! Jamie and Jim are a fun couple to photograph, I just love all the images of the two of them on the grounds of the Gideon Putnam. Thank you guys so much for having us capture your big day. It means a lot to us that you had us there! Congrats to you both and here’s to many many years together!


Their engagement session from just a few weeks ago.

Something Bleu and Jimmy Choo (that rhymes!)

Bling bling! What a rock!!!

The famous Alayne Curtis of Make Me Fabulous

details.. can never have enough.

Jamie and her sister, Tracie. These two are so funny together.


after seeing herself in the mirror with her veil on it hit her… great moment.

1st look..

How pretty is she?

Flowers by, Renaissance Floral

Now onto some b&g photos…

Nothing like peonies in November.

I love this!

The light was so sweet here..

So sweet!! I love this image.


Get your (elario) configuration on!

One more here at the Gideon..

then a quick stop off at the avenue of the pines!

time to get married!
Renaissance Floral

Big Joe kills the “bride in limo” shot with his Leica.

Dad, on deck..

deep breaths..

making it official.

They smiled a lot during their mass.

Mr & Mrs..

The Canfield Casino by Renaissance Floral

pretty details..

Making an entrance.

1st dance..


A colorful room!

Seahorse has to be my most popular drop it MODERN

work it ladies!!

There’s, Suzanne (Jim’s sis) aka  Suzanne & Brian 2011 couple!

They pulled Donna in as she was delivering them drinks… EVERYONE loves Donna.. EVERYONE!

Congrats you two!!!!!!!

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  1. Awww, love this. The emotions on Jamie's face are just great. You can really feel all of what she is experiencing. So sweet. I love those mirror shots where it really sinks in. Bonus? Seeing just a HINT of Alayne's face! The look on her face is either a look of amazement at Jamie's beauty, or a slight hint of panic "Ok please don't cry off the makeup!" ;-).

    These are real sweet. Lots of love here. 🙂

  2. Alayne, you made us (me, mom and Tracie) look so beautiful. We loved spending the morning with you. I will definitely be up to MMF to visit, until then, you can have fun with Tray!


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