OK so last Sunday wrapped up our first double in October! Only six more October weddings to go and I still have a free Saturday this month. You do the math.. Anyway Sunday October 2nd is the day we’re talking about in this blog post. It was Jamie and Josh’s big day. These guys hold the record for most farthest booking to date. Yup. They locked us down for their October 2nd 2011 wedding the first week of August in 2009!! Thats two years and two months!! Photography and art is super important to Jamie who is a graphic designer and designed all her wedding stuff too! So lets just say, she knew what she wanted WAY ahead of time. 🙂

This past Sunday at the Endres home you would find a super happy and smiling bride fresh out of the Make Me Fabulous chair. You would also find two beautiful English Bulldogs Josie and Zoey. I love bulldogs! While reading this you might be thinking back to a blog I posted in February. It was their engagement session! After Jamie got dressed Josh arrived just in time for the first look. Not only was he part of it but the bulldogs were as well. My favorite moment was when Zoey just sat right on Jamie’s gown. Too funny! Then we headed to Birch Hill for some more photos and a wedding!! The ceremony was set to be outside but will all the rain and a threat of more i was moved indoors. No problem because those girls at Fleurtacious Designs made the space look stunning. Why? Because thats what they do! Once the knot was tied it was party time! The New York Players took the stage and rocked the house as they always do. It was also a pleasure working with our good friend videographer Al Woodard. I think this was the 13th wedding we’ve worked together this season with Alfie! Jamie and Josh, thank you so much for choosing us! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the past two years. I love you dogs and so does Lexie. I hope your honeymoon is a blast!! See you in the dog park!


One from their winter engagement session.

Some details..

bling bling!!

Designed by the bride:

Zoey! (Jamie and Alayne)

I like the contrast between the pretty bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs and the precious face of Josie! That underbite is priceless. She’s smiling!

Jamie’s sister Jessica helps her with the finishing touches..

Dad helps Jamie down the stairs. (Josie too)

Oh hey there pretty girl.

First look!

Yeah I’m just going to sit right here..

Family photo:


I like this composition..

The firetruck for Josh…

Love it.

The boys..

One more of Jamie..

We’ll get back to these two a little later..  it’s time to get married..

The ceremony space decorated beautiful by Fleurtacious Designs! Love the petals!

I can only caption this one as “ready?”

One of the hardest things is shooting directly into a bank of windows.. However, I like how the guests are silhouetted

Mr & Mrs…

A delishious cupcake tower/cake made by Different Blend Bakery. Jamie’s sister’s bakery! Check them out!

loving the colors..

First dance!

Jamie and Josh brought their A-Game!

My facebook teaser

love this one..

since we’re at “Birch” Hill.. 😉

I’ll end with this.. Congrats you two!

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  1. I LOVE the first look with both Josh and Zoey looking over at Jamie like “ooooh” 🙂 Super cute.
    I have to say I really love the weddings with our designers! It’s great – such attention to the little details, the colors. Nicely done on the theme without it being too much. Beautifully designed. Great. Jamie, your dress looks beautiful on you – I love love love the way the layers all flow out with your guys’ first dance (which looks quite well done!!!) Nice dramatic flair 🙂
    Love the setting of the first look as well, at home 🙂 Wonderful. Congratulations guys! Way to book early. 🙂 It makes a difference to have a great team like Big Joe and JP 🙂

  2. Such a cool family. What a bunch of talented artists! I completely enjoyed the entire morning and can’t wait to be Jessica’s first order on her new gluten free website!!! Jaime worked on it all morning as we got ready for the wedding! Even cooler were Josie and Zoey who helped and snored and napped all morning too! The dress was just perfect on you Jaime!

  3. FABULOUS photos, which I knew they would be after seeing the engagement pictures…CONGRATS once again Jamie & Josh!

  4. The photos are beautiful!! Great job JP and Joe!! Also Kris Ann and Alayne did beautiful work as well! Thanks for the shout out too! Congats Jamie and Josh! Yay! 🙂

  5. Love it! I really like the photos in front of the willow tree! As always you did an amazing job, JP! Thank you so much!

  6. Great job JP, the pictures are great. Can’t wait to see all of them.


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