janelle & dennis: key hall at proctor’s

Ahh! Another wedding that I immediately put in the “off the chain” files. This one was all around fun, fresh, beautiful and oh yeah off the chain! I’m glad I decided to take August 4th off this year because something special was in the works…

October 5th 2011 I get a text from my wife telling me Dennis proposed to Janelle. For those who don’t know, Janelle and Dennis are very good friends of ours, so I couldn’t begin to tell you happy I was for them. Now at the time, I thought I’d strictly be a guest at this one. In fact, I tried to push Janelle to other photographers but she wanted to be as she would put it “on the Elario blog”. Now, Janelle wanted to get married this year, she didn’t want to wait till 2013. She wanted a Saturday and wanted both myself and my wife to work and attend it. Kris Ann and I both took the weekend of August 4th off intentionally, we wanted to perhaps get away or just chill and not work. But how could we say no to friends? So we both did double duty on this one. Kris Ann, was the maid (I refuse to call her matron) of honor/florist and I was as I like to think of it the ultimate wedding guest/photographer. I actually only photographed up until their first dance and then Hayden finished the party while we tore up the dance floor. Seriously, this wedding (weekend) was a blast!

August 4th was a scorcher outside, but hey no rain so we’ll take it. Janelle and the girls got ready in the Hampton Inn which is next-door to Key Hall . I was hanging with my boys casually across the street grabbing lunch. Then I had to roll out and get ready to actually work for a little bit. The girls from Make Me Fabulous were on the hair and makeup as well as the girls from Bliss Salon on some additional hair duty. By the time I arrived to the girls room there were all types of gorgeous women. The Christine Wheat Special Events ladies were in the house too and helped us all move along so we could get this show on the road. We headed outside to State St and did all our photos with the quickness. I also loved shooting on Jay Street too, such a nice location. Then it was time to get married. Fleurtacious Designs transformed Key Hall  for their ceremony. The space looked really beautiful and was just perfect for Janelle’s style. After their ceremony I shot their amazing room while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour. Then I shot their first dance, parent dances and sunset pics finally retiring my camera to Hayden’s hands in time to hear my wife’s amazing toast. Then it was time to party. Albany’s hottest hip hop MC, DJ Playground took the 1’s and 2’s and this party was officially underway. You all know we love some DJ Playground!! I bet Cheryl from CASL Productions has some crazy dance footage of me too! Wow, what a day!! Plus the Elario Photo Booth debuted a new INCREDIBLE backdrop just for Janelle. I’m dedicating an entire blog post to their photo booth later this week! Thanks to Jenny Shea AKA Jenny C Design for holding down the booth!! She also did all Janelle and Dennis’ stationary. Check her out, yo!

Janelle and Dennis, what can I say? You guys pulled off one hell of a wedding in under 6 months. You both know I love you more than I love the Towne Tavern’s wings (seriously, try them). I may have been reluctant about picking up the camera on August 4th 2012 but I’m glad I did. You know I wish you both the best forever!

JP (Joe, as you know me)

The rings…

The gown was from: Deannas

Can we all guess what Janelle’s favorite color was?

Sue, from Make Me Fabulous putting the finishing touches on Miss Janelle.

Party on girl.. So pretty.

Getting a little help from the bridesmaids. I totally have a crush on the bridesmaid on the right πŸ˜‰

These little belts really finish off a gown quite nicely.

Blinged out toes!! That s**t cray.

State Street NEVER looked so damn good..

Working the parasols…

I know right? Crazy beautiful.

Her eyes are amazing too..

More bling in that Fleurtacious Designs bouquet.. I bet this one gets re-pinned like crazy!

My fellas! Looking sharp..

Dennis, not only with the purchased and beautifully fitted tux but the hand tied bow tie and the grownup hair is looking fresh to death!

First look.. in front of Proctors.. love this series..

It was easy all day to capture these two..

Loving the bridal party shot on Jay Street.. the colors on that street are so sweet..

They invented swag… this was my facebook teaser.. How bout those socks? More grooms should do this..

A couple b&w’s..

We just kept finding Janelle’s favorite color all over..  Love this one..

Nice one here too..

Pitt! Looking good with that girl on your arm!

Her eyes.. man they draw you right in huh?

Key Hall ceremony by, Fleurtacious Designs

On deck with father “Jamesy”

Best man and former Elario Groom, Dominick Purnomo seconds before Janelle and Dad come down the aisle..

How great does this ceremony space look?

Mr & Mrs..

Because we had to do a “bling shot”

My wife and maid (ok matron) of honor Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs does the official “reveal” … Think they liked it? πŸ˜‰

The details were just so perfect.. That head table was one of my favorites.

Menu by Jenny C Design

Seating chart by, Jenny C Design Cake by, Villa Italia

This is how you make an entrance. DJ Playground drops “All I need” by Method Man and Mary J..

1st dance..

Two wonderful toast by two wonderful people..

ok.. sunset time.. Loving all these images.

Janelle studied the “Elario Blog” as she would say for years.. and this is why they nailed the Elario Configuration.

this one would look good on the wall..

Ok… time to party.

The candy station and more fun stationary by Jenny C Design

Key Hall’s desert room, so sweet!

I was afraid if I didn’t shoot Janelle’s wedding she would have done this to me!

and I’ll end with just one from their photo booth!! Congrats you guys!!!!
PS. You know you love their special backdrop! I am dedicating a whole blog post to their photo booth images so check back later this week!



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