janelle & dennis photo booth

I’m officially in love with a mermaid! Thats why I dedicated a whole blog post to drop it MODERN’s  newest backdrop, “mermaid” This is hands down my #1 favorite backdrop that drop it MODERN has ever released. Boom! I said it! So any photographers who want this awesome backdrop I teamed up with drop it MODERN and got them to give you $25 off.. The coupon code is good for 30 days and the code is ilovejp . Can you tell I made that code myself? Hah!

Like I said, I needed to dedicate a whole blog post to this drop because Janelle and Dennis’ were the first to have it and also because their photo booth was soooo fun!! So here are some of my favorites from 8.4.12!!


Mr & Mrs..

Some interesting people and signage.

The Elario’s jump for joy!!

These signs Janelle found were the best!

The Purnomo’s.. Carolyn, looking quite beautiful at 29 weeks!

Loving these colors..

Dominick and I called these guys in the vests our backup dancers, true story.

All the ladies love DJ Playground

even a celebrity  showed up.

love this..


the wedding crashed has a nice time piece..


Renee having her “call me, maybe” moment. So funny!!

Hot chicks..

working the “look-away”

seriously, he’s famous.

and we’ll end with one more of the b&g. congrats again!

next one

janelle & dennis: key hall at proctor’s