janette & naim: hall of springs

Last Sunday we photographed Janette & Naim’s wedding. This wedding was full of energy from the minute we arrived at the bride’s home. We enjoyed the experience of shooting a Lebanese wedding, it was a bit different from what we’re usually shooting but we’re always down for something new. It was also fun shooting along side our friends John DaBiere & Diane from Video Craft who we will be with again at this weekends wedding.

Enjoy & leave some comment love-


Janette showing us some special her father Mr Hannoush made for her, you may have heard of him.



Look at that bling!





I love this shot showing all of Janette’s family.


And this one showing everyone.



This is a shot we take but I never show on the blog. I thought this was a nice traditional bride & groom photo.


The Hall of Springs looking good.


Here’s a few available light F1.2 photos.







This photo here pretty much sums up the party.



Some fun details.


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