Jenna & Rory’s Sagamore Wedding Photos

It’s time to share Jenna & Rory’s Sagamore wedding photos! When I woke up that morning the weather forecast called for 80% chance of rain throughout the day. The whole ride up to the Sagamore it rained, it wasn’t until we literately pulled into the parking lot that that it stopped. This 80% chance of rain day turned into 0% from 2pm – 8pm which worked out perfectly! I’ve shot many Sagamore wedding photos in my time but I must say these are up there in my top favorites. There’s something about the low hanging clouds and also the fact that we were not suppose to be able to shoot outdoors due to this rain (that never came). Lastly maybe its because Jenna and Rory were freaking awesome! Whether they know it or not these two know how to work the camera!

Jenna and Rory, thank you both for having us! Spending your wedding day with you both and capturing the love didn’t feel at all like “work” for me. We all wish you guys the very best!


In the Empire room was a stunning gown and some shoes..
and our lovely bride, Jenna.
Sometimes a simple reflection is all you need for a ring shot.
A first look with Dad.
Pretty flowers by Experience and our lovely ladies on the right.
The great thing about this projected weather forecast was I think it kept a lot of people from coming out which means we had this whole place to ourselves! Also, can we just pause for a second and admire this gorgeous bride?
So many smiles from Jenna all day..
The fellas.. looking good in their Tuxego gear!
Years ago before the renovation of the Sagamore the “rain plan” wasn’t great at all. This space for a ceremony was perfect!
On deck with Dad..
He likes what he sees!
Love this one..
During the ceremony I saw these two young ladies watching Jenna and Rory tie the knot. If only I knew how to get them this image maybe someday they’d be future Elario Brides! 😉
That’s what you do when you hear you’re officially married.
Mr & Mrs..
Love this bridal party image (and bridal party size 😉
the lake looked so nice!!!
The colors and the sky are to die for.
Not a very b&w day but why not throw one in?
OOOOhhh the 200mm 1.8L never disappoints!
I just love how low the clouds were!!
So pretty.
The Shelving Rock at The Sagamore.
Right now DJ Vinny Vin is announcing them!!
Ah yeah, party time!
1st dance.
Haha.. great toast!
Meanwhile up top..
A few more of this adorable couple! Brace yourselves as the next 3 images I’m freaking crazy about..
My #1 hands down favorite image of the day…
bling shot? why not?
ok get out of here and go party!!
DJ Vinny Vin of NonStop Music does it again!
They danced all night long.. Congrats you two!!!


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