jennifer & steve: the sagamore

When Steve contacted me to shoot his June 26th wedding at The Sagamore I quickly questioned the day of the week, something along the lines of “is Thursday correct?”. Well Thursday was correct and another unique thing about this wedding was no guests, just the reverend, two witnesses from The Sagamore staff and myself. This was truly a blast to shoot, no hair & makeup people running late, no missing bridesmaids, no clock to chase all day, my kind of event. Their philosophy was simple and goes like this, its about us & we want to enjoy each other’s company and not be distracted by anything. The Reverend Bruce really did a fantastic job on their ceremony, it was unbelievable that there were only 6 of us on the dock and the ceremony lasted 15 minutes according to my camera’s metadata. After the ceremony we chatted for a bit and took photos for about 45 minutes at some of my favorite spots on Sagamore Island. Following our photo session it was off the Trillium bis for Jennifer & Steve for what I’m sure was not only a fantastic but romantic dinner.

I really love The Sagamore if I haven’t said that enough on this blog, I am also looking forward to shooting Kaitlin & John’s wedding there tomorrow! My father will be staying local shooting Alison & Mark’s wedding. So you know next week will be a busy blogging week for sure.

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