jenny & anthony’s albany engagement session!!

Ok folks! I got a hot one here and I’m super excited to share it with you all. I know I sound like a skipping record on my blog when I say things like “I had a blast photographing these two” but I must tell you I love my job and when I’m out there shooting there’s nothing more I enjoy! So yeah, I had a great time capturing these two. Duh! It was like I had two models to wonder around Albany with. We set the session off in and around Washington Park in Albany for our casual set then bounced downtown and just crushed it. Is it May 4th 2013 yet? (thats their wedding date). I know thats going to be a great one so check back then for the blog! In the mean time enjoy these fun, stylish and all around beautiful images that I truly enjoyed creating with Jenny & Anthony! Thank you both for trusting me to capture these images for you! Can’t wait for May 4th 2013!!


Meet Jenny and Anthony…

Having a little fun in the park..

Anthony instantly became a pro at this.. he must have studied my blog 😉

I love this one the most out of all the ones from their casual clothes set…

Killin’ the Elario Configuration.. Killin it!!

Um.. do you model, Jenny? Wow.. so pretty 🙂 or should I saw “Flawless” (by Tina) 😉

Jenny had no problem “working it” when asked to.. Anthony’s loving every minute of this.

On the way back to the car we stumbled on a sweet little patch of light..

My facebook teaser image.. love this..

Its spots like this that make me love shooting in downtown Albany..

Stopping traffic..

So cute.

Ah! The light up here is always sweet!

I love this spot!!!!!!!!!!

I think this will make the wall up here!

and of course no Elario engagement session is complete without my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround.. Anthony giving Gene Simmons a run for his money.. see you two soon!!

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