jenny & eddie: canfield casino

Ok before you even begin to look at this one I advise you to have a seat if you’re not already in one. Shoot, even grab some popcorn and a beverage. It’s a long one, but thats what you do for your own. 86 images to be exact. So what? I like to blog a lot and this one’s for Jenny (& Eddie) plus they had a kick ass wedding and I want to share it with ya’ll. Yeah I said “ya’ll”. For starters if you missed their engagement session go look, it give’s you a little history on our little Jenny ;). If you don’t wanna look I’ll give you the cliff note version. Jenny is a huge part of Elario Photography Inc’s operation. Most of you past brides & grooms have worked closely with Jenny on your books, orders etc and you future ones will as well. Anyway, Jenny got engaged to Eddie. Who else did she ask to take pics? Duh! So there ya have it.. We love her and Eddie and were so glad to give them memories of what was an incredible wedding…

Friday May 20, 2011. The big question was “when is it going to rain?” The answer ended up being when it wasn’t important. The rain worked around us for a change. I think wedding coordinator Christine Wheat had that schedule oh so perfect as if she knew when we needed to be away from the rain. I love working with Christine, she and her staff are truly excellent at what they do. Anyway, we set the day off up in Saratoga Springs. Jenny was being made fabulous by that rockstar hair and makeup artist Alayne Curtis of Make Me Fabulous. Its funny, I’ve walked into many hotel rooms and homes where a bride was getting ready but this one was different. It was “Jenny D”! Thats what I call her. It was like seeing a family member and when its personal like this it just feels different, I cant explain it. So the day unfolded like any other wedding before I knew it my lovely and talented wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs was dropping off some of her finest bouquets I’ve ever seen. She really rocked this one! Way to go babe. Back to the day, it was time to get dressed as Christine Wheat looked at her little clipboard thing and gave me the “lets go” nod. You know in the wedding business we all have a sign language when we communicate right? Before I knew it Jenny was a bride, like officially a bride, standing there in that gorgeous gown from Lily Saratoga. It was then off to Congress Park to meet up with Eddie and the boys. We then had a first look and Eddie got to see his very near future wife. This is the part of the blog where I tell you how much Videographer Al Woodard rocks. Seriously, just go watch the off the hook sneak peek he posted. I was like daaaaamn! We then ventured across the street to St Peters Church and these two made it official. Then what happens? Um, we party! I gotta throw crazy props The Shea’s for killing it with the food and beverage. Eddie and his immediate family designed a spectacular menu and their staff executed it perfectly. They go by 2Shea Catering and not only do they do off site catering they are the official caterers for the Shaker Ridge Country Club. So what else am I leaving out? Oh yeah, the New York Players. Damn, they did it again! Another constant packed dance floor. This band is the bomb, nuff said. It takes a lot of good people to make a wedding run smooth. I have to say Jenny and Eddie assembled an all star team and that has a lot to do with why their wedding was so freaking great. Now last but not least I must congratulate them! Jenny & Eddie aka “Jeddie” we love you both and wish you nothing but decades of happiness. Jenny I know you’re enjoying the Dominican Republic but come back soon, we miss you here in the office.


Jenny knew how to arrange her bridal suite, she’s only seen it how many times?

Jenny well on her way to perfection..

I think this is when she (& most brides) realized “ok this is real now”

I always love this shot…

One more detail and nice little exchange with Mom..

and we have perfection..

Wow, Jenny you look fab!

The boys!

Oh hey there handsome fella. Props to a hand tied bow tie and a purchased tuxedo. Very nice Eddie.

1st look!

I love the little wave she gives him..

Some awesome bouquets by Fleurtacious Designs.

Ladies.. Their jewelry from Louise M Jewelry.. so this here is the safe shot..

but this one I love.. How awesome are the girls gowns?

Another beautiful bride graces the pages of the blog..

We chose to shoot the bridal party inside because there was some ultimate frisbee thing going on outside.. I love this room anyway so any opportunity to shoot in there I’m all about it.

Another one in b&w because this room just feels very b&w to me..

I normally don’t post the classic standup bride and groom shot but I just liked this one..

In 45 minutes they will be standing on the alter together..

Take it in Eddie, she looks wonderful.

I love this one..

Meanwhile across the street a wedding was about to happen..

Eddie waits on deck..

Jenny and her parents try to hold back some tears when the music started.

My favorite thing is capturing true emotion.

I love this little looks Jenny gave Eddie during their ceremony.

Mr & Mrs..

The Canfield Casino ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs

2 of 3 different centerpieces. .

Being a graphic designer Jenny designed everything that was printed..

This is where I mention how awesome that big arrangement is and also request a bowl of rigatoni with “Grandma Crudo’s homemade tomato sauce” which Jenny’s mother made for the whole wedding!

One more nice little arrangement..

Christine brought them in their room for the reveal. You think they liked it? 😉

Then we brought them outside for some more shots in that good light..

A little configuration..
My facebook teaser. I just love the way the light sneaks into this..

Oh I like this… ok time to party!

The Casino entrance shot is always a favorite of ours..

First dance was “You & Me” by the Dave Matthews Band preformed nicely by the New York Players. I truly believe if you have a band they should preform your first dance, not a CD ever. Thats just my opinion. Don’t shoot the messenger 😉

So they danced..

and had a toast..

cut some cake..

followed by more sweetness..

and trust they partied their butts off!

Oh yeah! They had the Elario Photo Booth! Big thanks to Hayden Yund for capturing some images that are just priceless. This is a new backdrop I’ve been sitting on for a while. Its called Flower Power by drop it MODERN. When it came in back in December Jenny was like “I want to be the first to have this at my wedding”. Ask and you shall receive.

Some red wine heads and blog stalkers..

You didn’t think we’d sit this out did ya?

I really LOVE this drop. It is so fun! Who wants it next?

Thats it! Thanks for viewing. Congrats to Jenny & Eddie!!!!

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