jenny & eddie’s engagement session

Let the games begin blog stalkers! It’s that time of year again when this blog will begin cranking out new and current stuff on a regular. I consider this post the official season jump off right here. It is also a very special post to us here at Elario Photography Inc too. Our very own designer/editor/office manager Jenny Dempsey will be tying the knot quite soon, like next month, actually 37 days but who’s counting? Anyway engagement pics were needed….

Originally we were going to do an engagement session, then the season kicked in and it got by us. Less than a month ago Jenny asked me if I’d take a quick shot of her and Eddie to display at the wedding. You know, like a studio shot. Of course I was like “no problem Jenny”. Then on the morning of the day I was going to take this quick shot I was like “nah, I’m not doing it.”  I texted her and said “maybe we should just do an e shoot”. That brings us to last night. With rain threatening all day and time not on our side we said whatever let’s do it. Jenny headed up to Make Me Fabulous (which you all should do before an e shoot) and got beautified by Alayne and the girls. I’m a fan of whoever I’m photographing getting hair and makeup done before any type of shoot. We all know photography is an investment so you should go big or go home right? Anyway it was time to shoot and I ask you did Jenny & Eddie bring it? To simply put it, hellz to the yeaha! I was pumped when I saw these two arrive at the session looking all fly and what not. We shot all the images in some of my favorite spots and everything was just great all around. I gotta tell you Jenny D can pose and rock a the camera. She’s a natural. Eddie too is really photogenic so my night was a walk in the park, or rather in downtown Albany. I just want to add something real quick… Jenny is really a vital part of our operation and so much what we do wouldn’t be possible without her skills, talent, personality and patience. Most of you past brides and grooms have worked with Jenny and future ones will as well. She’s a delight to have around and getting to know Eddie over the past almost two years has been great as well. We can’t wait to watch our friends get married on May 20, 2011. That being said. Jenny, I know over the past 2 years you’ve looked at a whole lot of images for us and many of them engagement sessions but now it’s your turn to see your own. Have fun.


Setting it off easy here..

We tried to shoot in some spots Jenny really liked from past sessions and what not..

This is so these two right here. It really is.

Ah I like this one.

It didn’t take these two that long to get all comfortable in front of the lens.

I love all the lines and the b&w..

Something about this image I really love.. I just can’t put it into words.

A great looking couple can really make downtown Albany shine huh?

“Just dance a little.”

Hey, hey.. let’s keep this PG13 now.. πŸ˜‰

so simple but a fav of mine..

The E configuration for you all..

There’s nothing not to like about this one..

love it.. their 2nd outfit was perfect.. ladies, you can’t go wrong in a hot little black dress and guys in a blazer and jeans.. perfection.

Oh look at her killing it right here.. like the 20? yup, intentional.

I’m quite fond of this little series..

This one especially..

I could have shot against this wall all night..

I assure you, they’re real people. Not paid models.

New fav spot.. you’ll be seeing this some more in the future.

This goes in the top 3 from their session for me.
My facebook teaser.

Oh man! I love these!! I love the color yellow!!

Then we decided to use a drop it MODERN

for one shot.. yes I set this up just for one shot. Thats how I roll..

I decided to revisit a spot I first shot at back in Sept of 2009 with Mona & Andrew..

I love this… maybe drop it MODERN should do a drop like this?

Content & relaxed..

Jenny D (& Eddie) get’s two E configurations..


Show me what you got! As always, we finish with my token “bling shot”! Much love to Jenny & Eddie..

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