jess & john: saratoga national

Well folks we ended the month of June on a good note. We managed to dodge pretty much all the rain drops and there were a lot of them this past month. We had four great couples with four different and unique weddings even if two of them were at the same location. June is always a great month for weddings but my nerves are glad it’s over! I couldn’t take watching the doppler anymore. Seriously, I watch it just as much as all you brides do!

So onto the wedding of Jessica & John. We met Jess back in January at the Glen Sanders Bridal Show and immediately hit it off. We were confident that she’d call us the following Monday and lock down June 27th 2009. She was just so into and enthusiastic about our work and her wedding. All of our brides are for that matter. Anyway, it was raining on the way up to toga and we had to scrap our planned location for the pre ceremony portraits. We opted to work right inside of the suite the girls were getting ready in. The proofs in the pudding, below you’ll see that some good light is really all you need. The parks and what not are always nice for photos but I think these hotel shots are just as good. The ceremony and reception were both held at Saratoga National, our 5th wedding there since May 1st and we still have 3 more in the months to come. They just love us over there and we love them! So after that little rain on the way up to toga it never rained again that day, at least where we were. John & Diane from Video Craft were on top of their game as usual, cant wait to see some of their footage from the field stuff. Another great one in the books. Jess & John, thanks for having us and congrats to you both, hope Italy is treating you well.

Enjoy, leave love. Happy 4th all, be safe!

Like I mentioned above. Good light in a hotel room is just as good as a park! Look at Jess with her sisters, oh wait, thats her Mom? 😉

A little behind the scenes….

The result.

Love it!

I believe all the decor and flowers were by Jessica’s Aunt.

Her two fathers walked her down the aisle in her funky shoes.

Lets get into it now… sick b&w.

Yup. I’m out of focus! Love it.

My favorite of the day and its so simple.

This one rocks too!

I’m never afraid to get down…

When results are images like this…

and this.

Threats of rain give nice sky’s..

I would like to thank the guest at table 5 for taking the photo when I did. Seriously, I love when this happens. I might do a whole post on these types of photos.

Also, when giving a toast always ask the guests to raise up the glasses, well done Kayla.

And I’ll leave you with this. If you follow my twitter or fb you might have noticed around 10:30pm I tweeted: “this wedding is “kwazy”! more on that later.” well their DJ was Dr Kwazy Tunes and I just thought thats the kwazy-est name I’ve ever heard. He rocked the house though. The guests loved him.

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