Jessica & Chris’ Lake George Engagement Photos

Does it get any better than shooting engagement photos on Lake George? Seriously the queen of lakes never disappoints!! Last week I met up with 2014 bride and groom to be, Jessica and Chris and we headed out onto the lake. The foliage was awesome, there was lots of color! The boat we took out was the Miss Erlowest which is apparently the largest hacker on the lake! It sure made for some sweet photos! Thanks to Jessica and Chris for having me! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next August!


I knew I loved these two but the minute I found out their dogs name was “Hova” it took my love for them to a whole new level..  H to the izz-o! V to the izz-a!

Then we headed out onto the lake…

The mahogany floor was so awesome. Don’t worry her heals didn’t scratch it! 


Ah… the colors…

easily my favorite.. the lake was so quiet and peaceful. 

are they not the cutest?

One of the boat heading in for winter.. 

some more sweet light..

goooooood colors.. 

top of the world…

the eyes… 

more stunning fall colors.. 

working the configuration.. 

it’s obvious she’ll make a beautiful bride..

i also love this one a lot too!

haha and as always we’ll end with my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround! see you guys soon!!!


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