If I had a dollar for every time I received an email asking if we were available for September 10th 2011 lets just say I could retire. Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating a little? In all seriousness this was the most requested date for 2011. I couldn’t even count the inquiries but last I tried it was at almost 90 interested bride and grooms. Everyone wanted 9.10.11! We only take one wedding a day though and I can’t tell you how excited I am that this was the wedding for nine ten eleven. When I first met with Jessica and her mother Jayne back on Thursday April 8th 2010 I knew we’d be hanging out again last Saturday. We just hit it off so well! Then came Jason who I met seconds before I did their engagement session last summer. I love the guy! How can you not? He’s funny and just a good dude all around. I’ll say it again, and I know I speak for Big Joe as well when I say we couldn’t be happier to have spent September 10th 2011 (9|10|11) at the beautiful Sagamore Resort with you two.

My biggest question about 9.10.11 was will it live up to the hype? I’m not really a pessimist but I was like watch it’s going to pour all day and be freezing cold. Boy was I wrong! Upon opening my sunroof to a ridiculously blue sky on RT 9 in Lake George and seeing my temperature gage hovering around 70 degrees all I could do was smile. Can you say perfect day? I think so. It’s days like this that remind you life is good. What else was good? Well for starters the first person I saw at the Sagamore upon arriving was wedding coordinator Christine Wheat. It’s always a moment of relief when I hear a client tell me they’re working with Christine. Why? Because I know we’re good. Everything will run on time and Christine and her crew will just take care of business. Another face I love seeing in the bridal suite is Alayne of Make Me Fabulous because I know my bride will be ready on time and look drop dead gorgeous. At this point we’re two for two. Wanna make it three for three? Throw in the talents of my incredible wife Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs and she’ll make your wedding look awesome. So awesome people will be talking about it for months! Thats how Kris Ann and her talented staff at Fleurtacious Designs bring it. To say I’ve never seen the Sagamore look so good would be an understatement. Talk about a trifecta!

Do I need to tell you how Jessica was more than stunning when she stepped into her gown? You’ll see from her fathers first look how much love was in that place that day. After a quick champagne toast we headed outside with Jess and her girls to take some snaps. You see we feed them alcohol and then photograph them. Totally kidding! After we did our thing with the ladies we headed down to lake to meet up with Jason and his boys. Then the ceremony space started to fill. It was a little windy down there but hey we’re on the lake right? The best thing about the outdoor Sagamore ceremonies is the buildup to when the bride arrives. Its a long walk down many sets of stairs and once Jess and her father got to ground level all stood and it was time. After the ceremony it was time for photos per usual. We literately dodged a mega wave down on the dock. You’ll see it was kinda crazy. With Jess rocking a new hairdo by Alayne for the reception it was time to party. Body and Soul band brought it! The reception was at level 9 then 10 then 11 😉 all damn night! You see what I did there? If guests weren’t in the Elario Photo Booth all night they could be found on the dance floor or even eating up the surprise Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream station! Word, it was like that. Jess, Jason and families we can’t thank you guys enough for having us spend the day with you. Your wedding was simply elegant and one hell of a party. I only wish we could do it again sometime! We got mad love for you all.


We remember them from this engagement session

Seriously I wasn’t lying when I said “ridiculously blue sky”

Thats one incredible gown from Angela’s Bridal

and some great shoes as well…

Oh hey there Alayne!!

Ok.. how fabulous can she get?

Wedding coordinator Christine Wheat and the Fabulous Alayne Curtis: As I mentioned above seeing these two ladies in the bridal suite will bring a photographers blood pressure down.


Killin it..

This was my favorite moment of the day..

Lots of emotion in this room.

How proud is Dad? and how beautiful is Mom?

I met most of these girls one time with Jess and she was like “this is my bridal party” Seriously? Too much beauty in one photo.

Speaking of gorgeous things.. Fleurtacious Designs brought it!


How beautiful is that gown with all the detail? Jess, this dress was perfect.

A nice high key portrait..

The handsome Jason. All men should tie their own bow ties. Pre tied are for proms.


Talk about a beautiful setting. Does it get any better than this?

The moment is here:

I’ll take this view all day.

Mr & Mrs..

Sup bridal party?

They got configured on their engagement session..

and again on wedding day..


I love this one..

And then the killer wave(s) came..

Jess just hams it up.. haha

The beauty at the Sagamore is undeniable

One more.. we’ll get back to the bride and groom portraits a little later.

Like I said the Sagamore never looked so beautiful. Mad props to Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs and all her ideas to pull together a phenomenal space.

The tent liner is a perfect touch to soften the room up.

Time to set it off..

First dance..

I love this one..

Some toasts…

Ok.. time to have more fun!

I love the resort in the backdrop..

You two and your pretty eyes..

This was my facebook teaser. The color, the butter light. Come on now..

What a view..


Probably something I said..

Surprise! I can vouch that Ben & Jerry’s is a hit at weddings.

Meet 2012 Elario Groom Michael. Trust you’ll see more of this next November… btw I tried these moves last night in the mirror and failed miserably lol.

What a party!

To say the Elario Photo Booth was a hit at this wedding would be a complete understatement. Thanks to Hayden for doing your thing!

Ice cream!

Grrrr! LOL


Elario brides rock!!

Congrats to you guys!!!!!!!!

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  1. Can you bring the future 2012 groom to our wedding? He’s got serious dancing skills & I think he needs to share them!

    On a serious note, such a beautiful bride and hot groom. Amazing photos! It’s hard to pick a favorite!

  2. JP – We cannot thank you, your Dad and Hayden enough for giving us the gift of these gorgeous pictures! You truly captured the love, emotion and joy that filled the day. These pictures are absolutely perfect, although I had no doubt they would be 🙂 The photo booth was a huge hit and the pictures are absolutely hysterical. People are still talking about how much fun the photo botoh was. We will forever cherish our wedding pictures and we cannot thank you and the rest of the vendors enough – you all made our day absolutely perfect!!!

  3. . . a perfect day. . w/a wonderful bridal party group shot, Thank You , Jessica & Jason for going w/”Elario Photography, Inc. “.

  4. Ohhhh I LOVE THIS ONE for so many reasons. The colors took my breath away! The blue of the sky and the water are just incredible. What a vivid, vibrant, amazing day! And 9/10/11 – pretty cool, nice work on locking that one down with so many awesome peeps being part of the wedding.
    Alayne – can you change the name of your business? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE make me FABULOUS, but I think you should just rename it “Make me ALAYNE”. You always look so stunning at these sessions. Alayne = fabulous. Same thing right? 🙂
    And of course, Jessica looks fabulous. The dress is so unique with so many pretty little details. She and Jason really have such beautiful eyes – his blue, her green/hazel. They just draw you right in.
    I kept looking back at the photos of the ceremony. Oh wow. I mean really? I could just sit there all day looking out. Wow.
    To my fave shots: You know I love first looks, and the one between jessica and her dad is no exception. OH I LOVE this. Look at his face. First the “Oh, wow”, then just admiring her beauty, and being playful with her… as if to remind them both that she’s always his little girl, now a bride. I just loved that. Her mom – beautiful, and I LOVE her dress. Seriously, where did you get that? Fits beautiful, so gorgeous. Bridesmaid dresses are a nice touch with the mermaid cut like the bride. Kris Ann – as always amazing work, and the details inside look so soft and elegant.
    The shot with the wave is great – where’d that come from? Looked so calm out there! 🙂 Great candid moment.
    Love the elario brides and grooms (Michael we’ll be watching for you next year)!!

    And as always I LOVE when we catch Big Joe 🙂 Tee hee. 🙂 Adorable.
    Guys this one is amazing. Just love the colors and setting so much. Congrats to Jessica and Jason 🙂 🙂 🙂 Beautiful!!

  5. Ok, so I’ve been away for a week, and I’m just catching up on blogs! I’m going backwards, so this is the one I started with and… WOW!! Jessica and Jason are such a beautiful couple!! The dress was stunning, and of course, Alayne did such a fabulous job on her hair and makeup! I love the moment between Jessica and her Dad — so sweet! And Kris Ann did an amazing job on all the flowers — the purple/white combo is beautiful. The series of images with the water and mountains in the background are awesome! Jp, Big Joe, you guys did such an amazing job!

  6. Jess and Jason you looked stunning!!! Every picture is a homerun! I’ve been blog stalking to see this post 🙂 Fabulous as always JP and Big Joe! Much love!

  7. Nice shots- What a nice day for a wedding… Sagamore looked amazing! Love the facebook teaser and the killer wave shots. Congrats you guys. I see Elario Bride Natalia had a few cameos!

  8. As I look at these photos, I just can’t help but think ,”OMG their children are going to have the MOST beautiful eyes. I also agree with Christine, This family was simply amazing to work with and always so wonderful to their vendors!!! The pleasure was all ours!!! Jessica, I am glad we did the hair change. Fabulously, worth it. Especially after that little swim on the dock, LOL!! You are so stunning inside and out in every way, beautiful , smart, sweet and lovely! The scenery behind a Sagamore wedding is probably one of the most beautiful backdrops in upstate! Kris Ann, when I saw the floral arrangements in the back room I was taken back, but in the reception was even more spectacular! This day was so beyond perfect in every way. JP and Joe I told you we always get the pretty brides, but thanks to you we are blessed to get the most amazing photos to show case our beautiful brides. This one is definitely MMF wall worthy!!!

  9. JP – It’s hard to find the words to describe how happy and grateful we are to you and your dad for these beautiful pictures. They brought tears to our eyes all over again, and we sincerely thank you for capturing the joy and emotions of the day. This was one of the happiest days of our lives, and your pictures will provide memories that we can relive and cherish forever. I can understand why Jess called you immediately after her engagement, and we can’t thank you enough for your advice at our initial meeting. Christine Wheat’s poise, patience, expertise and guidance were essential and I would never attempt to plan any event without her. Fleurtacious Design’s flowers were even more beautiful than we imagined, and enhanced the overall elegance of the room. Make Me Fabulous, Body and Soul, Paper Dolls, Clifton Park Rentals, Dawn from the Sagamore, Tuxego, and Angela’s Bridal Shop all went out of their way to make this day so special. We can’t thank everyone enough!

  10. Wow, wow, wow – I was on the edge of my seat for every photo and felt like I was actually there. This looks like a super fun wedding to be at and Lake George as the backdrop is stunning. The bride and groom are gorgeous, the bride’s wedding dress is absolutely beautiful, as are the bridesmaids, the bouquets, the tablescapes and centerpieces are all breathtaking. Everyone looks like they were having so much fun. I think the Elarios have outdone themselves on this one.

  11. Congrats to Jess and Jason once again! Your pics are amazing…as usual! JP-you did a awesome job! My favorite is when Jason is kissing Jess’s forehead, so adorable! There isn’t one pic I didn’t love, what a perfect wedding album!

  12. Let me just say, I LOVE THIS FAMILY. The bride, her mom and I worked long and hard to come up with the perfect mix of details to show off her vintage lake george concept…these pictures show their success. All of the vendors came together to through an incredible party. Kris Ann rocked it with the flowers, the band kept everyone on the dance floor all night, Beauty team made each lady look perfect, Paperdolls created beautidul stationary treatments, and photo’s — what can I say they are seriously amazing. I have a soft spot for b/w’s but that bridal party portrait is drop dead gorgeous! THIS WAS AN AMAZING WEDDING….I just know I will be friends for life with this family.

  13. yay!!! it’s up but I did get a sneak peak last night!!! Jess & Jason Congratulations! The photos came out beautiful … as usual & the photo booth pics are GREAT! We had such a great time working on this one…..

  14. Best blog post I’ve seen in a long time.. probably ever! You certainly picked the right couple for 9-10-11. They are Stunning!!! And I love her dress. Everything is amazing.. the location, the photos, Love the little “film” Oh.. and I LOVE her dress. She is beautiful.. and he is a stunner. Glad I clicked to see them….. Fab Job Joe!

  15. Love! Love! Love! Everthing about this day was perfect! I gotta send love to Fleurtacious Designs for a breathtaking ceremony & reception setup and of course the Elario crew killed it as usual! Amazing!

  16. Absolutely amazing, as usual!! You guys do such amazing work!!! Congrats to the beautiful couple 🙂

  17. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! After looking at your pictures I want to redo my wedding!! Congratulations!! 🙂

  18. Loving the “Wave” shots…those are the ones when you look back and simply smile and know your day was perfect.

  19. JP, one word: stunning! Although like you said, you had quite the couple to work with! Jessica you made one incredible bride and Jason, like usual you had everyone laughing. You truly captured the day/night. No wonder everyone loves working with you JP!

  20. I cannot say enough about how amazing this day/night was. Jess & Jason we love you and were so honored to share in your special day. You guys both looked incredible and so happy in love. Congrats & best wishes xoxoxoxo