These wedding posts just keep coming! I have one more wedding to blog which will wrap up the most insanely busy wedding month ever. Ten weddings in one month is a lot and when you’re blogging all the weddings like I do it takes some time. So again to all my October brides and grooms thanks again for your patience. I hope to have all October shoots and weddings wrapped up by weeks end.

I gotta admit its totally flattering when a bride contacts me and says she’s planning her wedding based on our availability. This is how my relationship with Jessica started. After countless emails and dates thrown around Jessica and Jeff ultimately decided on Friday October 29 at the Hall of Springs. Boy did they get a good day too! Yeah it was a little cold but the late day light was probably some of the most beautiful I think I saw in all of October. Let me start from the bridal suite that was full of beautiful ladies all looking “Fabulous“. The second I walked in I met at least 5 new blog stalkers. Anyway it was time for Jessica to become an official bride and get into that gown. What a gown too. I loved it Jess, nice taste! We had a nice little first look with Jessica and her father then it was off to the Hall of Springs for the 8th and final time of 2010. Not only Jessica had it going on but once Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs handed the bridesmaids their awesome red bouquets it was over. The black and red was a hot combo and not only looked awesome but photographed awesome too. As we were shooting out front Jeff and the fella’s pulled up so we quickly whisked Jessica inside and set the stage for their first look. After that went down we flew through the group photos (because it was chilly) and were blessed with some nice light for the Jessica and Jeff only photos. I just love all the images of the two of them. Once they tied the knot the room was flipped and it was party time! Soul Session was the entertainment for the evening and as always brought their A Game. I love how their reception was all fun food stations. You’ll see in the images below how good all the food was. All and all another fantastic October wedding graces the pages of my blog. I can’t thank Jessica and Jeff enough for not only choosing us for their wedding but basically planning their wedding around our availability. We wish you nothing but the best! Now all you blog stalkers from the “Jeffica Army” I present their wedding…


Gotta love a non plastic hanger and some bling bling on a book.

Oh hey Jessica aren’t you looking pretty damn Fabulous in suite 427..

Loving this moment with Jess, Mom and Sis..

I liked this one as we kept Jessica hidden until Dad showed up..

Dad gets the first “first look”

There was all kind’s of emotions in the room.. I love this stuff.

Alayne making her weekly cameo on the blog.

I told you the red and black was hot.

Oh I love this!

Styling from head to toe..

Fleurtacious Designs does it again.

Jeff was pulling up as I was shooting this.. More on her later..

Jeff looking pretty good all GQ’d out waiting for his beauty.

Here she comes..

She just stopped for like two seconds to take it in.. you can feel the excitement.

He like’s it! Jessica’s sister and Mother watch on..

I like this one.. its like “here we are!”

One of my favorite bridal party images from this season.. love that light and color.

More good good light..

with a little romance.

50 mm 1.2..

same spot 135mm 2.0

Insert beautiful bride here..

Sometimes its too easy..

ok back to the b&g also known as “Jeffica”

Sometimes it’s that simple configuration that I love.

a couple more..

This one is straight up my favorite. There was a tiny sliver of light that was hitting them. I consider this a gift from the lighting gods..

My facebook teaser..

Ceremony time!

I really love shooting ceremonies in this room!

Mr & Mrs..

Those infamous curly willow branches by Fleurtacious Designs

First dance..


YUM!! All this good food…..

and more..

and more.. Mexican style..

Packed dance floor. 30 second exposer… Last wedding at the Hall of Springs until Jan of 2011…. Congrats guys!

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  1. these pictures are incredible!!!!!!! You are a stunning bride. I love the color scheme and have to know where you got your bridesmaids dresses???

  2. OOOOHHHHH My Goodness…this has to be by far the most breath taking pictures of any wedding I’ve ever seen! Jessica words can’t even explain how stunning you looked. Oh how I’m so happy for you and Jeff. God Bless you both now and ALWAYS!!!!!! xoxo

  3. I dont know who most of the people are who commented on this blog, but you are my new best friends! I wish I could carry you all around in my pocket all day for an instant confidence boost!!

  4. The pictures of the food made me starvvvving, haha. I absolutely LOVE the photos of the bride/groom with the blue skies behind them, looks like it was such a fun day!

  5. love your lighting… as in your gift from God!!! Heck to the ya!!! This is AMAZING!!! I am absolutely in LOVE with the table decorations!!! Im super cereal about this… i LOVE the color!!!! You sure know how to work it Jp!!!! But you know that already ;o)

  6. Seriousy Jess and JP , it is embarassing how many times I have looked at Jessica and Jeff’s facebook teaser! Now you come out with like a gazillion more of the most stunning fall photos and I am gonna be here another several hours looking at them again and again and again! Oh and I now have a new model couple for our MMF 2011 advertising!!

  7. @JP – hahaha! I know, being brief is not my strong trait 🙂 But you know, gotta give the love, otherwise if suddenly I start writing two line comments, the brides will be sad! 😀
    (Yay again!) 🙂

  8. The photos are lovely and you and Jeff look so happy. Think my favorite photo was the first one released, the one with Jeff swooping you in his arms.

  9. Jess you look stunning! Absolutely beautiful and soooooooooo happy! Congratulations to you and Jeff! Chrissy

  10. Ahhh! Jessica, you were such a beautiful bride! Congratulations to my Jeffica (I think I get credit for coining that phrase 😉 )! Love you guys!

  11. Thank you Mona- I couldnt wait to hear what you would say!!! 🙂

    JP- I can’t believe a picture of me in the blog stalker pin didnt make the blog! I wore that pin on my dress all night!

  12. I LOVE these. I love the HOS, I love a good fall wedding (too bad if you all are sick of hearing me say that too, I’m enjoying these) 🙂
    Jessica and Jeff – or Jeffica (awesome)… you guys look radiant!!! Jessica you look FABULOUS of course. I love Alayne’s work, she knows this clearly. Your girls all look beautiful, and the red and black are awesome. OH and LOVE the shoes.
    Kris Ann – what are those red flowers all open with a touch of purple in the center? So cool. Also love the little beady things with the tealights hanging.
    I LOVE the picture of Jeff picking Jessica up – one thing I wish I’d remembered last year! Always such a romantic feel. The HOS looks amazing, and it looks like you guys had a picture perfect day. Congratulations!!! Good call on booking around JEP. After all is said and done with your wedding, you have eachother, naturally… and your memories of the day made all that much better by incredible photos to document.
    Amazing. 🙂 Congratulations again!!!!!!

  13. love it!! they look awesome thank for doing a great job for my brother and jess! you def have a new army of stalkers ! keep up the fabulous work

  14. You did it again! glad to be a JP stalker because this post made my day! Beautiful pictures of such an amazing couple!

  15. LOVE the color scheme, the shoes, the bride and groom, the lighting!!! and i do love the dance floor shot, that’s some sweet stuff 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!


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