Jessica & Joe’s Farm Engagement Photos

Last week I ventured out to Galway for Jessica and Joe’s engagement session. We set off the shoot at the Cock n Bull which is their favorite restaurants. Joe tells me it’s amazing and I need to eat there, I’m getting hungry thinking about it actually. So we shot their for a little bit before heading to Anderson Acres which is Joe’s families farm. There was lots of options and places to shoot there, everything was perfect. I have had a great time working with Jess and Joe and cannot wait for their wedding! Thanks so much again! Enjoy!!


Meet Jessica and Joe..

this place had some really great spots!

Love that image on the left…

The sun shined all night..

Round 2! Anderson Acres!

Loved this little sunflower field next to the farm stand.

Joe and his family own Anderson Acres in West Charlton, NY. I loved their table with all the colors.

and they have cattle… lots of cattle.

“What you looking at?”

farm toys..

Panda cow 🐼🐮

Their boot game was legit.


One of my favorites..

Loved all the lines in this one..

Such a fun couple!

killer sky that night too!

That is their farm in the background..

also I loved shooting at the pond!

and lastly my token “bling shot”

see you guys soon! congrats!!

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