The second times the charm! At least with this shoot it was. Earlier this month the three of us headed to The Mount for an engagement shoot. When we arrived it was pouring and super dark. All the weather apps lied and mother nature wasn’t having it that day. For the first time ever I had to do an on the spot postponement. Thankfully The Mount and amazing makeup artist Erin Muller worked with us and we all got together again and created these amazing images. What a photogenic couple! Cant wait to capture their nuptials next June. The moral of the story is sometimes you gotta let mother nature do her thang and wait it out because good things come to those who wait. Enjoy these images my friends and thanks for stopping by.

but wait, theres more….

So this season I have been mixing in film here and there and I shot some on this session. Back in the day I grew up shooting film. I shot it as a kid until 2002 and reunited with film this season. This takes me back to my roots and the excitement of creating images and not knowing what they look like until you got the proofs back. There is something so refreshing about that in this instant world we live in. Anyway,  I thought I’d share some scans with you all.

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