Congrats to Jessica & Lee! You all remember these two right?  Such a fun couple and so very in love. Well this wedding did not disappoint either. It was one of the biggest ones yet of 2010 and surely beautiful as well. When I was in my car on my way to the hotel I received a text from Alayne of Make Me Fabulous giving me a heads up that Jessica did not feel so hot. Poor Jessica woke up with a migraine and things just got harder for her as the day progressed. I gotta say  it was hard to tell though. Jessica looked and acted totally normal when we all arrived in suite 527. I know she was feeling under the weather but I totally couldn’t tell. Lee was all smiles up in his suite, such a fun guy and quite a ham for the camera too. So we shot some getting ready pics but then quickly moved to the Hall of Springs for a private first look. Shortly after their first look we were photographing the whole bridal party when it was time for Jessica to take a break. We wouldn’t see her for an hour. I felt so bad for Jess, no one should feel under the weather on their wedding day. Anyway I don’t know how she did it but Jessica was able to overcome this illness, pose for a few more pics and walk down the aisle. From that point on things were smooth and Jessica felt 100 times better. I gotta throw major props to Alayne of Make Me Fabulous though, she totally came back to the Hall of Springs and redid Jessica’s hair and makeup. These are the type of vendors you need folks. The professionals care about their clients and always take good care of them. Speaking of professionals did I mention you need glue on wedding day? Well the glue on this one was wedding coordinator Christine A Wheat. Christine and her team of 5 event coordinators held it all together for Jessica & Lee. After the ceremony I shot this unbelievably beautiful room done up by Fleurtacious Designs. The room was washed with lighting by Clifton Park Rental too. After and awesome first dance and a few toasts we and videographer Al Woodard snuck outside for some good good light portraits with Jessica & Lee.  The room was abuzz all night with oohs and ah’s from the food the decor. The staff at the Hall of Springs did a wonderful job on this one and no one left with an empty tummy because the food and desert kept coming. Just when you thought you were walking out of the party to head home you had to stop at the outdoor food stations and grab a slice of wood fired pizza, fried dough or a mini Italian sandwich. Great job, fantastic party guys! All and all I’m glad Jessica felt better and was able to enjoy her first night with Lee as a married couple. We thank this couple for trusting us to capture their big day! Congrats again! On with the post……

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Lee, chilling in suite 627..

Meanwhile in 527 I found some shoes.

I don’t know she looks pretty damn good for not feeling so hot.

Haha this is the side of Alayne no one see’s..

The boys at that classic Hall of Springs entrance.

Here she comes Lee.

Ya think Lee’s a little nervous here? I do.

Jessica’s something old. Her late Grandmothers ring.

This was the last image of Jessica before she had to take a break.

A couple Fleurtacious details…

Just a few minutes before ceremony time…

A big tent by Big Top.

I love these two…

I loved this little moment while Jessica & Lee listened to their readings.

Talk about backlight!

After their ceremony Jessica & Lee exchanged some very private vows to each other as Al Woodard and myself shot from a far distance away.

The room! Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs did an awesome, awesome job. The lighting by Clifton Park Rental has become a must have for HOS weddings.

#39 was the highest number table I could find.

I loved all the linens. So fun.

A couple more Fleurtacious details…

The first dance!

Some toasts…

My favorite shot of the day.

The backdrop is just so sweet.

My Sunday morning facebook teaser..


So in love.

Butter backlight.

Grandpa broke it DOWN on the clarinet!

Yes please,

The party never stopped. As you left you could eat more and more! Awesome event!

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  1. Unbelievable!!!! Beautiful art that captures the moment! I wish I could have had a photographer like you on my wedding day. I’ve been married for almost 3 years and still haven’t ordered wedding photos You have a wonderful way of capturing the essence of the day!!!!!

  2. Suite 627… That’s where I got ready too! All the best to Jessica & Lee you are a great couple and it truly shows in all the photos. Joe & Jp thanks for some amazing shot of my work. I thank David of RFD for letting us rent his stellar white couch for the head table! I love the photo of Miss Make Me Fabulous 🙂 Oh and I want to eat some of the desserts too!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to Jessica & Lee! If you didn’t mention that Jessica was feeling ill that day you would have never known. Your photography captured some truly beautiful moments for these two! Great job as always!! 🙂

  4. These pictures rock! Honestly I love them all. Love the readings, sunset in the arches, dancing in the park, etc… What a day…I’m so happy with a little coordination magic and a few phone calls we got professionals to the scene and assured the couple an amazing expereience ….Great working with you!

  5. JP…you guys did a fabulous job. The pictures are fantastic! It helps when you have such an amazing and fun couple though I’m sure!! Great Job!!

  6. OMG Jessica, no wonder you had a migraine, did you see us trying to get that veil in. I have to say I will never forget this wedding and what a trooper you were all day. Tell your dad we are doing it all again next year minus the headache. You looked so happy by the end of the day! Hooray, Love to both you and Lee. Alayne

  7. Jp and Joe- awesome, awesome, awesome job! I’m sorry I did not make it easy on you guys to get all your shots in, but that’s why you guys are the best! We truly enjoyed our day and are thrilled that you were a part of it. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and can’t wait to see more!

  8. Ohhhh I remember them!! Congrats Jessica and Lee!!!!

    Jessica – having a full-blown MIGRAINE the day of your wedding – how awful! Poor thing… but… I gotta say you’d never know to look at these pictures!!! So glad you started to feel better and really get to enjoy your day. You look absolutely, 100% stunning, happy. Lee must have healed your migraine some (and the break maybe) 🙂

    You both look wonderful, so in love. Congratulations on a gorgeous event!

    And JP – I cracked up at that pic of Alayne!!!! Hey, she’s gets the veil in come hell or high water!!!! That said – she still makes it so you can get it out easily. How? I don’t know. It’s an art.

    Great job big joe and jp (and al, surely!!!) 🙂

    (btw I like the new “post comment” button)

  9. jp and joe – phenomenal job – as usual. you guys are without a doubt the best! you had wonderful models (not that i’m prejudiced). love the way you stopped the rain as jess and cj started their walk down the aisle. can’t wait to see all their photos! the elario boys rock!!!


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