I’m excited to share something a little different on the blog. First off this shoot was fun for me. Secondly, I love showing my range as a photographer. It’s not just weddings and lovely dovey images in my bag of tricks!

So a while back 2010 Elario alumni, Jessica Oliva contacted me with a need to get some promotional images for her company Fit Mama 4 Life. This mother of two and wife is motivating moms to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to be fabulous for their family. I can’t encourage you all to check her out online. Her Facebook page has over 1o thousand followers and her instagram is quite popular as well. Jess is a beautiful person and such a sweetheart. I loved capturing her and can’t wait to see what she does with all these images.  Thanks again for trusting me!


Just a small sampling of some portraits of Jessica..
I loved this one too. So pretty!
insert flexing emoji here:
I’ll end with these. If you want to see more (because there are lots) you should probably follow Jessica on all her social platforms. I’m now officially off to the gym 😉


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