Hello friends!! One of my favorite 2010 Elario alumni, Jessica Oliva is back on the blog! It’s been two years and 1 baby since our last shoot so it was time for more promotional images for Jessica’s business Fit Mama 4 Life. Jessica is a mother of three and motivating moms to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Jess does all of her workouts from home with minimal equipment too. I can’t encourage you all to check her out online on her Facebook page and her instagram. I had a blast running around Brooklyn with Jess making these images. Cant wait to see how she uses them! Thanks so much to Jess for sticking with me for all these years, love that smile!


A little warmup stretch..

My favorite wall in Brooklyn.

love this one.

theres that smile!

another fav.

The “yes” wall!

These images are so fun!

so much energy!


So bad ass, Jess!

the lighting was sooooo nice too that night.

one more look.

until next time!

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