jessica & phil: hall of springs

Holy smokes I have a good one to share with you all today!! It’s been a little while since I blogged a wedding and this one happens to have a ton of images. I was picking favorites and it just got out of hand. So before you dip into this one kick back and have a seat because it may take a while..

Back in May I introduced Jessica and Phil to you with images from their awesome engagement session. Can I just say my thoughts after that session were “I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in October.”Β Β Jessica and Phil are one of the easiest couples to photograph. Aside from the obvious good looks they both harbor it’s actually their attitude and personality I enjoy documenting. On Friday October 22, 2010 these two brought their “A-Game”. I can confidently say they assembled an “A-team” of local vendors such as Alayne from Make me Fabulous, Al Woodard of Al Woodard Films, Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs, the one and only New York Players and did it in The Hall of Springs with Mazzone Catering. Β In my opinion it was “nothin’ but the hotness” at this wedding. I just love more than anything working with the aforementioned vendors, never a problem and always smooth sailing. Once we arrived at the hotel I stepped into Jessica’s bridal suite and nearly drowned in all the beauty that was in that place! As expected her hair and makeup was absolutely fabulous and Jess was ready to slip on that gown. Did I mention is was pretty frigid outside? Because it was! That didn’t matter all that much because brides don’t feel the cold on wedding day (right?). Thats my theory and I’m sticking to it. That being said, bridesmaids sure feel the chill. Ladies, I appreciate you humoring us and being awesome in that chilly weather. After Jessica and Phil’s totally cute first look it was a picture marathon. We took a crazy amount of shots and managed to get these guys to their church well in time for the ceremony. After the ceremony we actually headed back outside onto the grounds of the Hall of Springs for some after sunset shots. There is this little window of time you can shoot available light after sunset so we took advantage of it. It was very similar to the images at the tail end of their engagement session. I’m glad I did too because I love those extra shots. From this point on the New York Players and Hall of Springs staff take the wheel and deliver and incredible wedding reception for Jess and Phil. I got nothing but love for these two as I do all my brides and grooms. I have to thank you guys for help making me look cool by showing up and brining your “A-Game”. But in all seriousness, I know you’ve been patiently waiting for this so without further ado lets get into it. Congrats guys, keep the love strong for many many more.


Who’s that lady? Oh its Alayne from Make me Fabulous making her fabulous weekly cameo on the Elario blog.

I must say Alayne had an already beautiful canvas to work on. (photogs this is the macro 100 IS, it’s a rockin lens)

I’m loving these finishing touches I’m seeing on the gowns.

Dad gets the first “first look” before Phil….

now its Phil’s turn.. cool as a cucumber..

I love the hands Phil! Now he’s a little anxious..

the security is in his hands knowing his beautiful bride is here!

and he likes it!

no he loves it!

Just another angle… Get this! Alfie Woodard beat me and had their first look on his video blog for a week or so now.. So to see this in motion click here.

Look at these poor bridesmaids freezing their butts off. How cute are the flower girls? You know my policy right? I think its too easy to put kids on my blog to get kudos however these children are near and dear to Jess and Phil so I thought what the heck right?

Good job on not looking cold for a minute.

Loving this one!

I thought Kris Ann from Fleurtacious Designs hit a home run with these personal flowers. I love these colors.

Holy huge bridal party!

Phil and his boys…

Per request of the fellas the walking shot..

more on these two later….

Its Jessica’s turn to shine..

She sure did shine too.. What a great bride!

one more because I said so!

aaah the fall color! the wind, the veil. Love.

A little dancing never hurt nobody…

lovin this one too..

I gotta say Phil’s a smooth dude. I love his swagger and confidence in this image. Jessica’s look at him backs my statement up.


I swear all they did was smile and laugh.

oh I love this one to pieces.

Well hey there thats a nice little configuration you’re in πŸ˜‰

My favorite light.

If you were my friend on facebook you would have seen this image the morning after their wedding.. this is known as my facbook teaser.

Do I have to tell you where we are?

Phil on deck..

Jess n Dad on deck..

showtime! all eyes on Jess..

Mr & Mrs..

Oh come on with this! The color was a gift from god.

Classic Hall of Springs..

with an Elario twist..

What an incredible room..

with incredible flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

a little snap of their first dance..

Did I mention these guys were there? Yeah The New York Players were in the heezy!

Jess don’t hate me for posting this, it just made me laugh.

Jessica’s Father and Brother tore the roof off for two songs. It was a highpoint for all who were in attendance.. and thats it! Thanks for looking peeps!

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