jessica & shawn: erlowest

Hey Hey… First off I wasn’t able to shoot this wedding due to a very in demand date, that being said looks like it was a blast. When I meet with Jessica & Shawn last July I got to chat a while and there really great people, I mean any Dave Matthews fans are #1 in my book… No seriously my father & photographer Christina Primero said this was a great wedding. From the looks of the photos seems another off the hook bridal party came out to play. Jessica was a beauty, Shawn’s personality screams in some of these shots. How bout them flowers too eh? Yeah you know my lady Kris Ann Blanchette owner of Fleurtacious Designs was on this one. Looking good!

Enjoy –




great shot of a proud father…







Thats one quality dip Shawn.








photo by the bride.



Seriously this dude can dip!


Shawn’s a hard core Mets fan…. boo! Go Yanks!


next one

engagement shoot wtih diana & bob