jessica & tim engagement session

Wow is it seriously October 1st already? Thats crazy! Where did September go? Anyway, what better to set off the month than this amazing engagement session with Jessica and Tim? Its got it all. Great location, check. Super cute dog, check. Photogenic couple, check!! I love locations like this! A big THANK YOU to, Laura, for letting us shoot on her property! As you’ll all see it made the perfect backdrop for Jessica and Tim’s engagement session. Thanks to the couple as well for having me! I can’t wait to get them back in front of my camera next June!


Meet Jessica and Tim.

It so easy to photograph these guys..

The property had some nice spots for sure, this little area was sweet!

Oh and how awesome is their Bulldog, Tonka?

The light is money in this Elario Configuration!

There were horses too!! All named after booze! I wish I could remember their names!

Outfit #2…

I love the lighting in this.

Hello, gorgeous!

One of my top favorites..

Seriously, the place had so many spots to take photos!

My facebook teaser image.. I love it..

and of course, all Elario engagement sessions end with my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround!! hahah.. see you guys soon!

next one

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