jessie and michael: glen sanders mansion

I apologize for a blog this late in the week. Typically I would have blogged by now but my early portion of the week was spent in a desert in Nevada, thats right Vegas! From time to time I need to get my chill on. So I’m back, well rested and ready to blog! This weekend we were at Glen Sanders Mansion with Jessie & Michael. You might remember Jessie & Michael from this engagement session. That session might have been one of the colder days in December but Saturday August 15th made up for it. It was a hot sunny day and these people showed up to party like a rock star, totally dude.

We set things off up in the Sanders Suite which is pretty much where every bride gets ready. You can always count on the dress being hung off of the bed and the strong light pouring in thru the windows. It really is a nice room for the ladies to get ready in. When we arrived the Make Me Fabulous girls were there finishing up and Jessie was ready to slip on her Jimmy’s and roll out. It was hot so we found some shade and took about 15 minutes worth of photos. I’m always conscious of the flowers wilting and what not so we worked fast. By the time the guys arrived the temperature dropped and it was almost time for the 6:30 ceremony to begin. Jessie walked down the aisle with her Grandmother and waiting at the bottom was Michael and about 200 guests. The ceremony took place during the “good good light” hour but after we were able to squeeze out some more of that light before it ducked out for the night. So speaking of the night thats where my man Tim Wedeman of AMS Entertainment was on the scene doing his thing. The party was hopping. Make sure you watch the slideshow at the bottom of this post to see some fun party shots. As always we thank this Kansas couple for trusting us to capture their big day. Congrats to you both I hope your honeymoon is awesome, after all you’re not in Kanas anymore (at least for a few more days)!

Enjoy, leave love,

The dress and a bouquet by Surroundings Floral Studio.

Rocking some Jimmys!

What a stunning bride.

Jessie loved to pose. She was quite a ham for the camera.

This is probably one my favorite groom portraits this season.

A first look.

I love this look she’s giving Michael.

See the late light?


The classic Elario double angle in b&w.

This is probably my favorite of the day.

I love these two next to each other.

One more of the Jimmy Choo’s

This is awesome too. Can I have two favorites?

Brides almost ALWAYS pump the bouquet in the air when making their entrance.

Do we ever stop with new features here on the blog? To put it simply, no. This is yet another new feature, the embedded slide show. There will also be more listed under “galleries” up top. Enjoy these party images. Oh & be sure to try the full screen option, it’s sick.

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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