jivon & anthony: saratoga national

Is summer officially over now that Labor Day weekend is behind us? Who knows? Maybe that good weather we had for this weekends weddings will hang around for a while. This past Saturday we were at Saratoga National for the seventh time this season and we still have one more to go! We really enjoy this venue and 7 weddings later for the 2009 season we can say that we know this place pretty well. So our bride & groom on this one is a blog favorite couple Jivon & Anthony. Back in May when I shot and posted their engagement session it became an immediate favorite between feedback in the comment window and on my facebook page. You viewers loved it so I hope we delivered with their wedding pics.

The day couldn’t have been nicer for real. Not a cloud in the sky or a threat of rain. Was I dreaming? Seriously its about time we had one of these carefree weekends. So arriving at Jivon’s parents home in Waterford we decided we’d work inside because their home was so beautiful and of course the light was right. Jivon’s dress sat upstairs in her bedroom where light was pouring in on it, such a nice scene. The ladies were in the salon I mean kitchen getting the last of their finishing touches put on and everything was just good. We had some fun photographing them and then it was off to St Mary’s Church in Waterford. You’ll see from the exterior shot of the church just how nice of a day it was. So Anthony and his boys showed up all slick and GQ and I captured one of my favorite guy shots of the season. The shot of them inside the church will most likely make our wall here in our office. I will say this groom seemed a bit nervous and Anthony don’t try to act like you weren’t either, I would have been too. The mass was great and the songs sung by April Marie were beautiful as always, (if anyone has her contact info leave it in the comment box below) find her if your looking for some killer vocals at your wedding. So something Jivon & Anthony did that quite a few couples have done lately is scheduled a little extra time in between the end of their ceremony and the beginning of their cocktail hour. It’s a very clever thing to do if you ask me. In result of that we got some sick shots out on the course and this couple didn’t miss their cocktail hour. By the looks of Angelo’s new tomato station I hope no one missed that cocktail hour. My pal Music Man DJ Mike Garrrasi had some serious party people at this wedding I guess the party went longer than it was originally scheduled for and I’m sure everyone partied long thereafter at random spots in Saratoga. This was also our first wedding shooting along side videographers Cheryl & Amanda of CASL Productions but it wouldn’t be long until we worked together again because they also shot the wedding on Sunday with us. Nice ladies, check em out. So as always we thank the bride & groom Jivon & Anthony and congratulate you both. Your wedding rocked guys, I hope Italy is treating you well.

Enjoy, leave love,

Jivon looking ‘flawless’ while getting some finishing touches by Tina of Flawless by Tina.

Daylight at its best.

This room had some ridiculous light! It was like shooting in a studio.

This is a cool shot right here:

What a great spot.

She looks awesome.

That sky was as vivid as it looks.

This shot is just awesome!

You gotta love Dads face right here.

Fun little series…

At National.

Now onto some of my favorites of the couple.

How sweet is this color?

I really like this image. It’s so simple yet awesome.

My favorite of the day.

This ones pretty hot too though.

A wider view.

See the watch?

Yeah this is something you can’t even get yet. I don’t know how Jivon did it but she got Anthony a timepiece thats not even in the cases yet. Incase your wondering the date does say its the second, but lets cut Anthony a break since its new to him.

Remember this?

How bout this?

What an awesome cocktail hour.

All blog posts must end sometime. Enjoy a snap from their first dance.

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