We set off Sunday October 20th 2013 at Josepha and Craig’s home in Duanesburg, NY. The ladies from Make Me Fabulous were in the house wrapping up beauty when we arrived. Josepha and the ladies were all smiles. Especially her little guy, Andrew. What a cute kid! So after everyone was dressed and ready we did what we do and then headed to St John’s in Schenectady to meet up with the fellas. Craig and his crew were looking great in their suits too! Then it was time to tie the knot. Their ceremony was just beautiful as shooting in St John’s is never short of amazing.

Next stop, Hall of Spring for their photos and oh yeah a party! We got their and the foliage was sweet!! Al Woodard and myself enjoyed ourselves tremendously when it was time for our bride and groom session. These two know how to work it for sure. I remembered that from their engagement session last spring. After that it was time to party and DJ Patrick Bergeron of Metro Music had the floor packed all night! It was nice finally getting to work with him. All and all another great one is now in the books!

We’d like to thank Josepha, Craig and their families! You made it way to easy for us and we enjoyed working with you all! We wish you the very best in the years ahead. Congratulations and keep smiling.


Getting ready details..
since it’s October and all..
reading her note from Craig..
getting ready!!
such a beauty.
So stunning, Josepha.
the veil..
A cute moment with her son in his amazing toy room!
working it..
St John’s, Schenectady, NY
If you’ve been taking notes this season you might recognize the fella to the left of Craig. That’s Tim from “Kate and Tim” 😉 who were just married in September! Two brothers both married within a month of each other, talk about two amazing parties for the Marcherone families to attend!
Looking good, Craig!
time to get married..
the men, on deck..
Josepha’s men walked her down the aisle..
The amazing St Johns!! Love this place!
making it official..
Mr & Mrs..
Meanwhile in Saratoga Springs..
The good looking bridal party..
The ladies..
time for some b&g photos!
the pops of color were amazing..
especially when I put my 200mm 1.8L on!
love all the texture in this one..
working it..
sitting on a park bench…
this one..
reminds me of this one..
aaaaaahhhh! my favorite!!
the wind took her veil and both myself and Al Woodard squealed like school girls over this one..
The beautiful Hall of Springs..
pretty flowers.
Party time!
1st dance.
Tim’s toast (or roast) was hilarious.. Loved this one!
back outside for some more pretty pics..
Classic HOS (that’s how the industry peeps refer to hall of springs)
The colors were so warm!!
aaaaah… look at that water!!!
With their little man, Andrew.
Mother son dance. 🙂
cake time!
PACKED dance floor! It was like a nightclub in there!and the Elario Photo Booth was in the house!!
best jump of the night.
congrats you two!!


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