I’ve been waiting to share this for a while now. Seems like forever ago when Julie Brown and Samae Claspill of Miller’s Lab contacted me about their new ad campaign to help launch their new and improved albums (which we’ll be using no doubt) ! I was extremely flattered that I was chosen to shoot this and cant thank my friends in Kansas and Missouri enough for the amazing opportunities I continue to get from them!

The wheels began spinning back in early November when I was asked to shoot this. I was thinking of ways to envision this publication thru my eyes and style. Being primarily a wedding photographer I wanted to do something wedding related, since thats what will be my primary use with these albums. I thought about how to appeal to the “wedding photographer” since this publication would be on display at the two major trade shows this winter. I came up with the concept of hot brides holding wedding albums. I thought seeing three brides together in one image would get peoples attention. I chose Janelle, Melissa and Jessica. Thank god their schedules worked! Then I threw in my favorite backdrop from drop it MODERN and boom! I couldn’t be happier with this image. I just love this shot!

I can’t thank these three brides of mine enough for helping me out with such short notice. I’d also be crazy if I didnt mention the amazing hair and makeup team from Make Me Fabulous we had on site for this shoot. Also, Jamie, Jenny, Hanisha and Kris Ann for your help too! You all knocked it out of the park! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


In this months Rangefinder Magazine you’ll find this in the 3rd spread in..

Whats a fun blog without some behind the scenes?? I shot this with the daylight behind me and my trusty 50mm 1.2L wide open (i know i’m nuts).

The finished product! Stop looking at the brides… Did I mention the albums are gorgeous too???

I LOVE MY BRIDES (and Alayne too). Thank you all!

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  1. How awesome to get to wear your dresses again! I definitely paraded around in mine a few months later (but no official photographs of that… no wait, I think my mom snapped one! Ha!) Very cool! Loving this!

  2. What a blast! Thank you so much for including me! Amazing as always, Elario Photography and Make me Fabulous!

  3. Hooray, Hooray! We can finally share your great news! You know how much I hate to keep secrets. Especially when it includes you and some of our favorite most beautiful brides! One of my favorite days of 2012!

  4. Ummmm I just got my January edition of "Professional Photographer" magazine in the mail Tuesday and saw your ad! I said BOOYA BABY! way to go, that's so much fun.

  5. Such a fun day! Never thought I'd put my dress on again so soon hahaha. Thank you, JP & MMF!