Juli & Josh’s Saratoga Springs Engagement Photos

I couldn’t be happier to present my final e shoot of the 2015 season with you. We came in freezing this season and ended with the heat I present to you in this post. Julianne and Josh brought it. They legit brought it. We were blessed with a perfect evening and some amazing fall foliage as well. I only hope Juli and Josh bring me to England with them next October when they tie the knot (no pressure, guys). Pleaaaasse?? I just want to say thank you to this smoke show couple for having me capture these images for them. I had a wonderful time laughing, goofing around and photographing you two. Much love and thanks!


Meet Julianne + Josh!

We paid extra for the peak foliage..

Love it..

I’m going to have a lot of favorites in this session.. this is one of them..

A beautiful b&w..

Working that signature Elario pose like it’s their job!

The Avenue of the Pines looking damn good!

Josh, you a stud..

Did someone turn on the heat??

We headed into downtown Saratoga Springs to mix a little urban flavor into this shoot… I believe the phrase “smoke show” is what I have for these images..

Yup.. a stunner..

Love the warm brick with that blue screaming off it..

More pretty b&w’s..

and as I end every e shoot here is my token “bling shot”

and the silly face turnaround.. sorry i left y’all hanging a little on that one lol. Thanks again, Juli + Josh!


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