julian, lola & august

Last Friday I had a chance to catch up with Meaghan, her 3 children and her sister Kailin. Meaghan’s husband Martin got her a gift certificate for Christmas last year and we finally were able to hookup and capture their beautiful family. Meaghan knew she wanted some fall images so we did our thing in Washington Park which surprisingly was still pretty green. But you know me, if there is color I’ll do my best to find it but then it’s up to Lola if we’re actually going to shoot there. Isn’t there a song lyric about whatever Lola wants, Lola gets? Haha, I kid. Meaghan and I go way back. We had mutual friends and we all spent many late nights out in Albany. It’s great to see her all Mom’d out looking beautiful with her beautiful children. Martin, hopefully next time you can make the trip up from VA and we’ll get the 5 of you in a pic! According to Julian you’re apparently “very handsome” haha. Thanks again guys, your family is beautiful!


Lola 2; August 1 & Julian 5…. Meet the mini Henderson’s

Julian was great and so easy to take pics of.

Love this one with the brothers..

Cute little dude.. they all have incredible eyes. All the Murphy girls do!

Oh hey there pretty lady.

This one makes me laugh because it sums up how it was to get all 3 together at once..

I did manage to snag one though!

This is one of my favs..

Nice hat!

One more of the big man.


Lola, although you gave me a run for my money I was still able to snag a few of you I loved.

next one

i turned 30, got an amazing party!