Wow! Wedding number forty-two is here! This is the final wedding of the 2011 season! As I write this one I feel a sense of relief that I can officially call 2011 a wrap! This was probably our longest season in a while. Its funny to look back at the weddings we shot in January this year, seems like a decade ago to me. Anyway I’ve blogged every wedding from 2011 and I thank you all for coming back week after week and supporting my blog. I probably don’t say it enough but thank you to you all!! More I look forward to doing it again in 2012! Now, let’s get into Julie and Chad’s blog post!

What can I say about December 10, 2011? Well for starters it was not your typical December day. Sure earlier that week we got some snow but come Saturday it was close to forty degrees and super sunny! In the bridal suite was our smiling and happy bride, Julie. She was in the Make Me Fabulous chair getting her pretty on. Our friend and wedding coordinator Katie O‘ was on the scene. Thank god for wedding coordinators. I wish I could make it mediatory for my clients to use them! It’s just great because I can be creative and do my thing while making pretty pics! I’ll leave that rant for another blog though. Anyway once Julie was dressed we then headed to Congress Park, met up with videographer Al Woodard and had some fun. It was chilly but we did our thing and worked quick. I had Julie come out the front door of the Historic Canfield Casino for the first look and I loved it. That building is so photogenic inside and out! After the first look and other group shots it was time for a ceremony. The parlor was beautifully decorated by Experience and Creative Design and was filling up fast with guests arriving by the busload. Once they tied the knot a wonderful Mansion Catering cocktail hour began. After cocktails City Rhythm set it off and the floor was packed per usual all night. I must say this was a great one to end our 2011 wedding season with. Julie and Chad are awesome people and I wouldn’t have had 12.10.11 any other way! Thank you guys so much for choosing us for the big day! I know that honeymoon is treating you well!!


The ladies of MMF..

How about that gown? I loved it.

What a day!!

I love the Hunter Wellies..

How awesome? Julie, you look stunning!!

a group of beautiful girls.. any of those bridesmaids look familiar? 😉

Sup , fellas?

first look..

Nice looking group here.

I just loved this one..

ah! the light..

you’d think we timed it so we’d have this light 😉

The Elario configuration…

Some fur so you don’t go burr!

I love this one too!

I used the florists LED’s for the ring shot.. why not?

How beautiful is this space?

a little laugh..

Mr & Mrs..

party time!

first dance.

A packed room!

congrats you two!

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  1. Domenic Selzer says:
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    I really like looking through a post that can make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!
  2. This wedding was the best we have ever been too! The venue was breathtaking and Julie you looked as beautiful as I would have ever imagined. Chad you are one handsome man!!! You both make a beautiful couple and wish you health, happiness, and love beyond you ever could imagine!!! Love you guys!

  3. We LOVE every photo!!! It was so exciting to come home from our honeymoon and see the blog! I have so many favorites-too many to list. We really lucked out with the weather-I appreciate you guys (and our amazing bridal party) for braving the cold! I cannot express how happy Chad and I are to have had you both capture our day so perfectly. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  4. thank Mom Janet , for a wonderfully written comment . We very much enjoyed working w/all & going out of 011 on a high note .

  5. What a way to end a beautiful year ? With beautiful pic’s and a beautiful couple ! And of course GREAT photography. Love the lighting in the park too.

  6. JP and Big Joe – Once again your artistry has sent another family into joyous orbit after seeing these photos! As MOB, the day was perfect beginning with the weather, and then you harnessed that famous light – you need to bottle it – for them to bask in. The photos are beautiful, sweet, just downright splendid! Having missed the first look because I was inside where it was warm (this momma’s no fool!), I love those shots! The Wellies on her rockin’ bridal party is a great one too, as are the pics of Julie and Chad in Congress Park. I could go one forever about each one, but the simple truth is you captured all the love and joy that was in that room last Saturday. Thank you! Thank you!
    PS: I fully concur on the need for a wedding coordinator! Katie O’ is the absolute best!

  7. What a great way to end the year, Jp & Joe! Julie, you are lovely! We are so happy for you and Chad! The photos truly capture what a wonderful day it was.

  8. Since it is the last wedding of the year and KOWE was coordinating I this might be a long one! Love this post since it highlights one of the MOST fun weddings of our year. Julie, Chad the entire bridal party and family were absolutely amazing to work with. Kind, funny, patient in the cold and all around awesome. I LOVE the pics of Julie and the B’Maids in their Hunters! And of Julie laughing in the ceremony- one of the best parts of the day. Joe- it is MORE than a pleasure working with you and I admire, respect and appreciate your input when we have our “final call” — a few adjustments to the “sparkle sheets” and BOOM…we go that amazing light! Thank you and your Dad for an amazing 2011 and can’t wait to get started in 2012. Keep sparkling!

  9. absolutely wonderful end to the 2011 year of blogs… oh my goodness… looove the ring shot with the LED lights… the color scheme was great… love that deep purple (violet?!) …. the love and joy in these shots are so beautiful… that outdoor lighting was superb… gorgeous couple… great first look backdrop… love the wraps for outdoor…and the footwear… haha. … fantastic end to the year, JP!!! congrats to Julie and Chad!