Julie & Jimmy’s Canfield Casino Wedding Photos

It's time to share Julie and Jimmy's Canfield Casino wedding photos with you all! We had a blast out there last Saturday with these two. It's been about a month since we shot a wedding at the Canfield Casino. Since then, the the park is starting to look a little more like spring. So let's get into this one...

We set the day off at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs. I love shooting at this place as it just has that classic old time Saratoga vibe. When I walked into the bridal suite and saw Julie and all of her beautiful bridesmaids hanging out, I knew it was going to be an easy crew to photograph. Once wedding coordinator Christine Wheat said it was time to get our bride dressed, we did so and headed downstairs dodging another bride who was in the house too. Before we knew it, the time for Julie and Jimmy to have a little hand hold moment (without Jimmy actually seeing her) came. That was cute if I do say so myself.

Next stop, the Canfield Casino for more wedding photos and a ceremony. Everything started perfectly on time, because when you hire a wedding coordinator those types of things happen. During the ceremony I looked at my phone and noticed some potential rain was on the way to us. Sure enough by the time these two walked down the aisle the rain began so we headed outside to a covered part of the park for all of our photos. When it was time to shoot just Julie and Jimmy the rain stopped, then started, then stopped. We did just fine in spite of a few rain drops. After that it was party time. The ballroom was ready and the New York Players took the stage. Mazzone Hospitality was in the house and as always served up some yummy eats for everyone. It was nice to work with “team fedora” aka Bigler Productions too!

Julie and Jimmy, thank you both for choosing us many many months ago for your wedding. You’ve both been a pleasure to get to know and work with. We all wish you the very best in all the years ahead. Keep smiling.


We last left off with their engagement shoot..
Walking into the bridal suite and seeing all these lovely ladies I knew it was going to be an easy day for us!
pretty details, perfectly arranged!
Susan, making Julie fabulous.
Since she married a “Jimmy” she’s gotta rock some Jimmy’s 😉
cute moment with Mom..
Stunning flowers by none other than, Fleurtacious Designs.
So pretty!
More amazing fleurs by Fleurtacious Designs.
Love this one..
she made it easy for me.
stunning b&w from the man with the Leica
waiting to hold Jimmy’s hand…
He’s not allowed to look!
so cute..
the boys at the Canfield Casino..
The ceremony space
All smiles..
here she comes…
making it official.
Mr & Mrs..
We worked here after for the group shots as it began to rain right after the ceremony… I love this bridal party image.
the rain stopped for a little bit and I found the only tree in all of Congress Park in bloom..
Love it!
and the rain came back..
and the rain stopped for a minute. love the kids in the window watching.
So pretty..
another fav of mine..
The Canfield Casino Ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs.
Love all the colors..
Earlier in the day I walked by this spot and thought to myself how great it was and having worked at the Canfield Casino since I was a kid (even got married here myself) I never saw this spot. Naturally I had to put Julie and Jimmy there!
On deck to get this party started!
1st dance.
A post dinner surprise! Yes please!
NYP rocking the house!
Julie chose a classic drop of ours called “mermaid”
fun people.
Plattsburgh is known to be one hell of a party school…
congrats you two!


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