Julie & Jimmy’s Saratoga Engagement Photos

It was a rain or shine kind of engagement session last week in Saratoga. With this unpredictable (or predictable rain) weather lately it's been messing with all my scheduled shoots. Not this one though! Julie and Jimmy live in NYC and finding free time isn't the easiest so we went out rain or shine and did our thing. Lets see how we did...

We set off the shoot in Congress Park which is where their April 2014 wedding is (canfield casino). We moved around the streets in Saratoga Springs making sure we made a cameo on Caroline Street which is where these two met! For the most part the rain held out until we were at the Yaddo Gardens. That was when it started to rain and the umbrellas came out! Rain isn’t the easiest to shoot in but it always makes for cool photos so in the end it all worked out. Thank you both for having me! I’m excited for next April!!


Meet Julie and Jimmy:
She’s a peanut, so cute.

Caroline St, Saratoga Springs..

Always a great spot in town…
the configuration..
Did I mention yellow is my favorite color?
Outfit #2.. Classic congress park right here!
Love the texture in this one..
sweet b&w
You work it, Julie.
At the Yaddo Gardens..
My favorite.
So pretty!!
Aaaah I love these too!
Outfit #3 and rain…
Rain is pretty…
I’d have to say this is as classic of an image as you can get at Yaddo.
It was raining but they went without the umbrella here.
Love the pops of color.
and we’ll end this with my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround!! see you guys soon!


next one

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