Julia & Jon’s Lake George Engagement Photos

What's better than an engagement shoot in Lake George? An engagement shoot ON Lake George! You know its officially summer when the boats come out and I love nothing more than being able to work (if you want to call it that) like this.

Julia and Jon are tying the knot in 3 weeks (or 26 days). We recently decided to do some engagement photos and I’m glad we did! Shooting on the Lake George is just awesome. Especially when you have Captain Jon driving you to random islands you point at. There is a lot to love about this e shoot so sit back relax and enjoy! Thanks to Julia and Jon, we’ll see you guys real soon!


Meet Julia and Jon:
Island number one we snuck onto…
I’ll probably say this a lot but the light was soooooo nice..
This is one of my favs from the first set..
heading to our next location..
Loved the necklace, Julia.
Such a nice view.
pretty b&w
This one was almost my facebook teaser image so you know that means I love it.
rocking the Elario Configuration!

If I was the camping type this would be my spot.
and then the light got real nice.
Watching the lake get washed in gold is awesome!
and the sun has set folks..
which means its time for my token “bling shot”
turnaround time! lake hair, don’t care.


next one

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