Julie & Kevin’s Engagement Photos on Warner Lake

Summa, summa, summa timeeee!! Well, sort of. Its trying to be summery right? Anyway whenever I shoot on a lake it seems like it should be summer. Now technically the first day of summer is Friday but we'll set it off early with Julie and Kevin's engagement session!

Julie is a self proclaimed Elario blog stalker for 4 or 5 years now. Give it up for the blog stalker turned Elario bride!! She is such a sweetie too. That’s probably why her bridesmaids surprised her with this engagement session as a gift! What awesome friends right?? When she and Kevin were planning their shoot they wanted something unique to them, which is what engagement sessions should be right? Anyway, their families all own a bunch of homes on Warner Lake. It certainly was a great location for shooting. Even the field across the street was a nice spot, we all know I like the fields!

I’m stoked to be shooting your August wedding guys! Thanks so much for choosing us! I could go on and on but I know Julie’s probably been burning out the refresh button today.


Meet Julie and Kevin!

This shoot was super colorful as you can see!

Even the little hidden spots of the property were fun to shoot at.

Nothing like an almost kiss..
and a forehead kiss. They’re like the perfect height for that!

New outfit time.

I seriously wanted to jump in that lake!

I love these two. My favs from the second set.


Pretty light.. all is right.

So cute..

Love this one, my favorite from the whole shoot.

Nothing like a good old field right?

Get all configured out, Elario style.

Back to the dock for the finale!

Seems like a perfect image for a b&w right?

and this one, love it a lot too!

We’ll wrap it up with my token “bling shot”

aaaaaand the turnaround! thanks guys! see you soon!


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