We set off the day at the Hampton Inn where Flawless by Tina and Kyle Ann Garcia (that rhymes) were getting Julie’s glamor on! Julie was very scheduled (as teacher brides always are) and before we knew it we were all heading downstairs to capture some sweet images. Did I mention it rained? It rained most of the morning and actually up until we began our photos, then it ended up being a really nice evening. Mother Nature was on our side for sure. Next up was the ceremony inside Key Hall and then a super fun reception thanks to DJ “Jazzy” Jeffrey Scott. What a fun night!

Julie and Kevin, thanks so much for choosing us for the big day. I know you chose your wedding date based on the venue and our availability and that means so much to us. You guys have been a blast to work with both on your engagement session and wedding. We all wish you the very best for a long long time. Keep smiling you two!


In the “flawless chair”
Their rings…
finishing touches with her MOH
Out on Jay St… hey ladies!!
she’s so cute!
time for a first look!!
The men..
Our bridal party… I love shooting on Jay St.
time to go have some fun with the b&g..
so fabulous.
Kevin, swagged out..
love this one a lot..
nice capture by, Hayden
another spot I loved.
aaaah a favorite from the first set..
time to get married!
on deck with Dad.
making it official.
fun fact: Elario groom, Ben married Julie and Kevin.
Mr & Mrs..
yay! congrats!
Key Hall at Proctors…
cute cake topper..
back outside for the Elario Configuration and some good good light!!
Easily my favorite image from the whole day. I love it!
bling it in gurrrrl..
more horns honking than in NYC… word.
party time!!
a nice moment during their toast.
Kevin’s brother delivers a great toast.
congrats you two!!


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