Julius and Mary-Beth’s Central Park Engagement Photos

Last week I headed down to the city for Julius and Mary-Beth’s engagement photos in Central Park! Mary-Beth mentioned she wanted to shoot a few around the Belvedere Castle which is right in the heart of Central Park. Belvedere Castle served as a great spot for engagement photos. After that we wondered around the park and captured some beautiful and classic “Central Park” photos. I’m really looking forward to Julius and Mary-Beth’s wedding this coming August! As you can see from the images below, these two were a blast to photograph, so thankfully I won’t have to wait long to do it again. Thanks again for having me!!


Meet Mary-Beth and Julius.
Around the castle there were so many great spots..
I love the way her dress and the flowers all compliment each other!
ahh.. pretty light!
spin spin!!
Loved this spot!
Working it!
The colors are soooo sweet here!!
Love these!
Outfit #2.
Again, amazing colors!
If you told me to go to Central Park and create a classic image for an engagement session this would be it..
or this one..
Such a good looking couple!
and as all Elario engagement sessions end here is my token “bling shot” (est 2008) 😉
and the crazy faced turnaround! see you guys in 1 month and 2 weeks!!


next one

Jackson turns one!