Alright my friends its time for Kacie and Kevin’s wedding!! We set this one off in Saratoga Springs like usual but instead of your standard hotel room Kacie got ready at the beautiful bed and breakfast Union Gables. I’m starting to see more a trend head toward b&b’s in Saratoga and I absolutely love it! Upon arrival I was delighted to see the always smiling face of Alayne Curtis of Make Me Fabulous. Kacie was just wrapping up her hair and makeup session and the music was bumping! Energy!! I love more than anything to walk into a room with the music bumping, it just amps me up! Once the girls were ready to go they grabbed some stunning bouquets from Fleurtacious Designs and it was outside for photos. Then Kacie and Kevin had their first look! After we wrapped up photos at Union Gables we headed to Congress Park, but in style. Kacie and Kevin had a sweet ride thanks to the gentleman who owns the bed and breakfast. There is nothing wrong with a classic 57 Chevy drop top! Easpecially when it turns into a prop for wedding photos!!  Once our little photo session in the park commenced we headed inside the beautiful and historic Canfield Casino. It was time to get married!! How cool was it that their friend married them? I loved that! I must say this was a fun one no doubt. DJ Adam Conway, had them on the floor all night! Who knew Kevin had all those crazy dance moves?!? And when the people weren’t dancing they were bugging out in the Elario Photo Booth with our girl, Hayden. Anyway guys, I must say thank you for having us. We’re honored to have been part of your big day! You guys were totally fun and it was a treat getting to know your family and friends as well! Keep the love strong and here’s to many years!!


Last time we saw Kacie and Kevin was their e shoot!

What a lovely bridal suite this place has!!

I swear all everyone did all day was laugh and smile.. Its a blast being around that kinda stuff!

I love these two images side by side..

Their dog who’s name escapes me (sorry) was super adorable.

The ladies..

Fun and beautiful creations by Fleurtacious Designs

Our bride, Kacie..

So pretty..

There was a billiards room inside Union Gables and we thought where better to photograph the fellas.

First look time!

He likes!

Aww! More pets at weddings!! (just not cats, thats weird)

How cute is this little dude?

Ahh I love this one..

This is just classic!!

See why I love this place?

57 Chevy..

My facebook teaser.. I love this one.. The color is so sweet!

June 29th.. 😉 How beautiful was it outside though? Wow, no clouds!

Getting married..

The personalized vows were a nice touch.

Mr & Mrs..

The Canfield Casino Ballroom by, Fleurtacious Designs

This is how you make an entrance!!

First dance..

Then we headed back out for a few more..

Love this image on the left a lot!

The Elario Configuration.. 😉

So pretty..


New backdrop alert from drop it MODERN!! I’m now offering Nightingale (white lace)… so sweet!!!

At first Kacie and Kevin were not going to do a photo booth. I went back and forth with Kacie and eventually convinced her why its so amazing (especially in the Canfield Casino)… they loved it.. My man Kevin was in there all night!

See?? haha this one’s funny…

Girl in middle comes up to me at the beginning of the ceremony and says “Is it too early to tell you I’m a blog stalker?” (its never too early and thank you for stopping by) My response: “Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe?” 😉 Call me when you get engaged that is 😉

Isn’t this backdrop incredible????

Congrats you two! Thanks for choosing not only Elario Photography to capture your but our super fun photo booth too!

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  1. Awesome stuff. First of all – that Chevy. JP Did you notice that the license plate says “DMB”? Coincidence??? Well, probably, but whatever. How can you not love the sweet car shots. Classy prop.

    The B&B is amazing – so homey, but with so many fun patterns and details. The rug, the drapes… very cool.

    BTW I laughed aloud when you’re like “More pets please, but not cats, that’s just weird”. Ok so other than dogs… whaddya want? Iguanas? Fish? 😉
    No but the pup is adorable.
    Love the first look, I love how Kevin seems like he needs a second to take in the moment. Anyone else think Kacie looks a bit like SJP in the group girls shot? Beautiful.

    On the tables, in addition to Kris Ann’s beautiful work (as always), I noticed frame pictures of K&K… adorable touch!
    The entrance – awesome way to make an entrance. Looks like a fun time overall!!!!! Congrats guys!!!!

  2. loooove the photos!

    Kacie your hair and make up is flawless, dress is perfect- love the belt
    Love the grey suits and their ties
    Kona (the dog) photos are adorable!
    I’m looking forward to seeing all the photo booth pics!
    Kacie you look so cute in the configuation pic
    And Kevin great entrance!!

  3. Love the pictures Kacie! It was a great wedding. I love the family portraits with Kona.

  4. And the photobooth – you need to make that mandatory!! It was a blast!!! Everyone has said how much fun it was! I can not wait to see those!!!

  5. Ahhhh I love these!!!! There are no words to express how awesome they truly are! Can’t waiiiiiit to see the rest!! Thank you not only for these amazing photos but for being so much fun while taking them! What a perfect way to end a perfect weekend! 🙂

  6. Another awesome group of photos, JP! Congrats to Kacie and Kevin!! That new backdrop looks really great in the photobooth – way to make it work! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous pictures! It was a beautiful wedding from start to finish and you captured some great moments, can’t wait to see the rest!

  8. love love love these pics!!! Kacie and all the girls looked so pretty. JP you always do such an amazing job!


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