kacie & kevin’s engagement pics!

What up peeps? There’s nothing like a Saratoga Springs engagement session. This one is classic Saratoga at it’s best. We decided to shoot in the park since their wedding next year will be at the Casino! The rest of the locations you really can’t go wrong with! I just love all the fall colors. I actually expected more color since this is “peak week” around here. Anyway, Kacie and Kevin are set to wed next June and I look forward to working with these guys again! Thanks to you both for choosing us! We’re going to have a blast next summer.


Meet Kacie & Kevin..

Kacie’s one photo request, stairs. πŸ˜‰
Congress Park is so awesome, especially in the fall.
I like this one.
Since their June 29th 2012 wedding is at the Historic Canfield Casino…
A fun little mosaic in town.
Ah Caroline St..
Wardrobe change..
Another favorite.
Elario configuration time.
one more.
Oh hey now.
Pine needles, yes please.
Do your thang Kacie!
Easily my #1 favorite.
and my token “bling shot”
One more!!

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