kaitlin & john: the sagamore

It was back to The Sagamore for me this past Saturday. The weather however a bit different from Thursdays wedding but its all good. So we had a rained out lake side ceremony but you’ll see from the photos I took advantage of every dry moment we got. The important thing is Kaitlin & John didn’t sweat it, from the looks of my photos they enjoyed every minute of the day. Also City Rhythm was off the hook, they have a fresh sound for the 2008 season and added a lot of new songs to their fully staked repertoire. The dance floor was so packed at one point when I was in the middle of it my lens actually fogged up!

Check back soon for Alison & Marks photos.

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you can be at such a beautiful location but sometimes simple white wall is all you need












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jennifer & steve: the sagamore