On July 3rd 2010 we had the honor to shoot a local celebrities wedding. I’m sure you all know Kara right? Kara was one of those brides that was just fun from day one when we met. Actually I’ve known Kara for a few years now. Paul is not too far behind on the fun factor either. He’s just one really likable guy, you just wanna give him a big bear hug haha. These two are like a perfect match. With two fun personalities like Kara & Paul what better time of year to tie the knot than independence day weekend? Its like Christmas of the summer and everyone just comes ready to have a good time.

So lets start from arriving at Kara’s house… From stepping out onto the super hot pavement I saw a great sight. Whats that you ask? It was makeup artist Flawless by Tina and hair stylist Mark Anthony done for the day. I love when I can work with professionals that are on time! That makes us very happy people. Kara was pretty happy too. She had 100 dozen roses on her coffee table from Paul. I imagine thats got to make you excited to get married. Anyway, Kara was ready to hop into that fun gown and slip on her pink shoes. After that, we then stepped out back and shot some portraits of the girls. The light outside was so nice too, you’ll see. When we arrived at the church Paul and his boys were in the back just bugging out and having fun, then the men had to get serious for the mass and nuptials. After mass it was time to head to Saratoga National. When you walked in there you knew it was going to be a good time. Aside from a champagne station that whenever a glass was taken it was instantly refreshed by the awesome staff at national, you were greeted by life sized cutouts I photographed of Kara & Paul back in May. Heading upstairs I was blown away with the transformation of the ballroom. It was a completely different room. David Michael Schmidt and his team from Renaissance were on this one and they did a great job! Talk about great jobs… the cake! Oh man that cake was an instant home run by Debbie Coye Saratoga’s famous cake lady! From then on out it was party time. Ad a b&w dance floor and some nice toasts and you instantly have a party. So Kara and Paul, we’d like to thank you for having us capture your big day. I knew it was going to be a great one and not only that but I knew you’d both be a great couple! Congrats to you both!!


Pink shoes = fun bride.

I do, love these images. 😉

Here’s Kara!

Our back for some shots. The light was pretty awesome. For it being so sunny Kara’s white house acted as a reflector. This was a gift from god.

So pretty…

Classic bride and bouquet shot. Bouquet #1 too.

Kara & Dad… probably my fav from the whole day.

As they were turning the corner to walk down the aisle.

Classic Elario double angle… Big Joe up top..

and mine from the ground..

Pretty cool huh? Shout out to Paper Dolls of Saratoga, they did all the paper things 😉

I’m pretty sure the b&w dance floor came from Total Events since thats where we got ours from along with the pipe and drape and extra lighting.

Yes, this is Saratoga National folks..

I shot the head table before the big pieces came up. You’ll see them in the toast shots. Flowers by Renaissance

Cake by Debbie Coye. How fun is this cake?

The details on the cake were pretty awesome and totally amazing.

Angelo himself serving tomato soup sips. We had these at our wedding and they were a major hit! All “One Reputation” brides & grooms should order these!!

First dance!

How great are these?

Pauls father was his best man… he decided about 1 minute into his toast he didn’t need notes. Paul got a little roasted by his Dad.. too funny.

That Nikon 14mm is straight up sick.


Out onto a new Elario original SNGC spot..

for some sweet images…

and some awesome light…

followed by a little dancing..

and some laughter.

There is nothing like an amazing b&w..

This one is more amazing though.

I love having couples laying in the grass.

I mentioned above there was a second bouquet.

And I’ll leave you with my facebook teaser image…….

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  1. Wow you two! Congrats again and again. Certainly glad that I didn’t bring my camera. Why bother with such talented people to record this amazing day. Thanks for sharing the memories and just plain “thanks” for the memories. Great happiness to you both always. Jennifer and Lynn

  2. Thanks girls for the “I Do” info. Granted I wouldn’t be using those for me but I could suggest them to future brides that I know. Adorable. 🙂 And Kara yea I’m a details girl. Love it!!!! I love when you can pick out themes like that, all the details flowed together so beautifully. Again congrats 🙂

  3. I’ve been following your blog ever since I heard you mentioned on dtown. You guys are just amazing! I love everything about your photos:)

  4. David …. You and your tea at Renaissance made Saratoga National a place like no other!! Besides the fact that I love David 1000000 x 100 …He and his team ROCKED. AWESOME flowers and awesome everything! Loved the bling bling bling from Paul to me that I rocked on my neck and my girls loved their bling bling bling they rocked on their fingers and must I say matched their dresses awesome!!! Thank you everyone! Every person that was their has called to say it was he best wedding they have ever been to…. Thank you thank you thank you

  5. Kara you look amazing and the wedding was the best eva….i feel bad for Paul though…no one is commenting on him…Paul you came out great in all the photos….not a single hair out of place

  6. Special thanks to the Elario Boys, this was not an easy one to pull off but I transformed the room 100% per the requests of the bride and her mom. Every spec was custom and perfect. I draped the room and gave Kara the B&W dance floor to make it all sing with the “black white, pop ‘o’ pink” requests from the newly crowned Mrs. Lynch…. Yes I did make her two bouquets one in white (for the all white ceremony) and one in hot cha cha pink to match those smokin hot shoes….. THey loved everything!!! as every Renaissance Bride Does! thanks for clicking it for me Joe and JP… Looking forward to that PHAT disc coming my way with the tons of work we did together this year.
    AND BTW the last shot of Kara and Paul really shows off that bit of bling Paul picked up at my store draped around Kara’s neck.
    Congrats and thanks to all who helped make it happen

  7. Wow – Two Albany Academy Grads back to back – I am lovin this trip down memory lane! This photos came out amazing… I spoke to Kara shortly after she was engaged, as we discussed photos. You and Big Joe were the only choice for this area and now you can see why….

    So happy for Kara and wish her the very best!

  8. kara you are absolutely beautiful. I am sorry we couldn’t make it you look so happy. Congrats I can’t wait to see you. I love the outdoor photos and all of the pink

  9. OK I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES and just simply everything!! Thank you so much JP and Big Joe for capturing this day!! Every Bride should be so luck to have you two shoot their wedding!! Ok Mona Mona Mona Mona you are amazing that you caught on to the bridesmaids dresses…good catch sister!! I worked very hard on a lot of the details so it’s truly fun (1) That JP and Joe caught it all (2) When other people catch the details too!! JP and Big Joe Love you guys and am so very thankful!!

  10. looks like an amazing day! kara – i love that you changed your bouquet after the ceremony… such a nice touch! and the b&w pictures of the first dance are so cool…especially the first one. the cut-outs are crazy, at first glance i thought you changed your dress too!

  11. JP , this is AWESOME! I love how you captured all of the details, from her shoes to the cake, to the reception. What a great (fun!!) wedding and couple – and photographer. This is really, really exciting! I’m getting soo excited for August!! 🙂

  12. Absolutely stunning pictures!! Joe did my wedding as well and his work is amazing. I love it all! Congratualations

  13. Simply amazing and stunning! You guys just continue to raise the bar even higher with every wedding you shoot! What a lovely couple and beauitful wedding!! Congratulations to you both!

  14. THANK YOU for finally posting this. Seriously. I could guarantee a bunch of us were chomping at the bit for a new blog. You guys work hard though, we know that, but we get eager, what can I say? These are beautiful. I went to high school with Kara, so happy for you – you look absolutely gorgeous! Both of you guys look incredible. A few things:

    1) Saw the cutouts and had to do a double take! So funny!
    2) Grilled cheese and tomato soup? I SO would have had these at our wedding!
    3) Saratoga National – are you kidding me??? I would not have recognized the place. They did an INCREDIBLE job draping the room, the lights are fantastic
    4) SHOES. Nuff said
    5) Ok more – where are people getting the I do shoes? Adorable
    6) Beautiful dress – and I love how the bridesmaids had a sort of similar themes neckline. Very cute.
    7) I love the shots in the fields. Immediately in my head I was thinking of Sting’s “Fields of Gold”.

    These are just great – I am sure your day was even more wonderful than the pictures, which makes it pretty damn awesome! Congrats again Kara and Paul!!!!! 🙂

  15. Wow!! Amazing shots Joe — and Kara you were a stunning bride. The wedding looks amazing – love the lighting, the flowers.. love it all.. Congratulations!!