You might all remember Kat and Dan from their rainy engagement session I shot in Troy. It’s funny because I feel like their engagement session was the beginning of the incredibly long run of rain we had. On their wedding day I felt like “finally, the rain is over”. Actually that would be a lie since it with a 0% chance of rain it actually rained lightly for 30 minutes on July 13th, 2013. It’s good luck right? How many times have we heard that one? Either way, the rain stopped before Kat stepped into her fabulous gown and that was it. Perfection all day.

We set off the day at Kat’s parents home in Troy, NY (give it up for Troy!) right around the corner from my crib so it was a short drive. Would it surprise you if I said Katie O’ was the wedding planner on this one?  I believe this was the 6th time this season. Speaking of repeat players, Fleurtacious Designs was on the roster as it was our 8th dual joint together. While we’re on numbers it was the 7th wedding with my man, videographer Al Woodard. I love getting to work with all these awesome peeps week after week! Ok so back to the day…. In the Beditz home was the stunning Kat and a bunch of pretty ladies in their awesome getting ready robes. It’s was nice to see some familiar faces. Once that beautiful gown and birdcage veil was in it was time to bounce to Albany and have Dan and Kat get their first look on.

The New York State Museum was the venue for both their wedding and reception. Seriously what a scene for a wedding! I will say it was a hot one out there so we kept everything moving along quite nicely. I love their bridal party photo in front of the museum. After that Kat, Dan, Al W and Katie O’ wondered around the Empire State Plaza and captured some really nice bride and groom portraits. Then it was time to get them back for the wedding. What I loved about their ceremony were the vows. They were genuine and personal. The location was amazing as it overlooked the Cathedral spires. Such a great spot to tie the knot.

Party time! The space inside where the wedding took place was so cool with all the museum elements incorporated throughout. Even the carousal was active for their cocktail hour and the wedding guests got to ride. I must say the tables, linens and decor was a walk off home run for Fleurtacious Designs! They killed this one. The food and service was none other then Mazzone Hospitality who always deliver the goods. The party was a jump off thanks to City Rhythm who took it to level 10 immediately, I think it even went OT! The Elario Photo Booth was bananas as well, thanks to Hayden for holding it down! I also wanna thank Albert Gnidica (who runs the show there) for being so accommodating and awesome.

Kat and Dan, thank you guys so much for having us capture the day. I remember meeting you at Mel and Chris’ wedding and knew then I wanted to shoot your wedding when the time came. It was so great seeing all the familiar faces and future bride and grooms to be at this one. I wish you mad love for years and years. I hope Greece is awesome too!! Wow. Can we do this one again? Please??? Much love and thanks again!


One from their rainy engagement session just to remind you all..
Former Elario Bride Mel puts the finishing touches on Kat. Oh and holy heels!
I really like that diamond.
How awesome are their robes?
more getting ready snaps.
The gown, how amazing is it?
Not twins but you’d sure think so. Kat’s sister Meg is also a stunner.
So pretty.
a little emotional first look with Mom and Dad.
I took a few shots at the house before we headed to downtown Albany…
Thanks for making my job easy, Kat.
A little behind the scenes image…
Fleurtacious Designs does it again!
Love this group shot!! (for the camera buffs this was shot with the 135mm 2.0L)Such a great looking bunch of ladies.
a few more of Kat because why not?
1st look!
love it!
This was the group shot in my writeup I mentioned how much I loved. Killer b&w.
The fellas…
Dan’s awesome tux he bought from Brooks Brothers which is why it fits like a glove.
These aint your typical “lets take pics in front of the Capital” pics.
loving the b&w.
bling it in, Kat.
so pretty.
da egg.
the reflections are so cool.
so pretty
This might be one of my top 3 favorites from the day. I call this image “lets get married” as the building their wedding was in is the backdrop and they were literately heading to the ceremony location.. love everything about it.
what a place to tie the knot.
Dan’s ready!
Kat and Dad are ready!
So awesome.
The day was so beautiful.
Love Dad watching.
A nice song sung and played by their friends.. great moment during the ceremony.
Making it official.
Mr & Mrs..
Cheers and congrats!
The New York State Museum by Fleurtacious Designs.
Pretty tables..
The linens were amazing.
Shout out to Mel and Chris, veteran Elario b&g.
Normally I don’t go near carousals at weddings but this was different.
Party time!
if you were lucky to have seen their first dance this is how it ended.
Love the reactions.
More photo time!!
My favorite from the whole day…
nice backdrop for cutting the cake.
If you look closely you’ll see me dancing. Chris stole my camera and his wife stole a dance he and Brooke also stole the mic.
fun stuff..
ok a couple more.. had to do a night shot.
Love this!
Again, its Gatsby! The longest running consecutively used backdrop used ever. Who will break its streak?
I less than two months it’s their turn, just check back here on the blog to see it.
and thats a wrap! Congrats again you two!


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